Lego Play Now Can Through Android

A variety of activities can we do to foster creativity in level, one way to play Lego. As we all know is a game of Lego blocks construction of the country Denmark has long been popular around the world, including Indonesia.

The benefits we can get from playing Lego are also great for kids like training yourself to create creativity, imagination, and creativity. And now for those of you who want to feel the sensation of another LEGO play, there are several educational gaming options on the Android Lego exciting to play.

LEGO Duplo Jams

For those of you who have a toddler who is just learning to know the names of animals, vehicles or other objects, you can try to teach them to play educational games LEGO Lego Duplo Jams.

This game is available in six different scenes that Sort Out the Blues, a set of space where children can control the rocket. Brick Racer with the race car, that brings the atmosphere Barnyard Serenade garden, zoo and sea.

Stick Together is adventure on the train, Build with Letters for those who want to learn the alphabet and the last is Bedtime Mode form mutually sheep jump over the moon. What’s interesting about the game LEGO Duplo Jams are all the items can be clicked on to find out what is hidden behind the item.

In terms of graphics and sound game LEGO DUPLO Jams was not anything special compared to the second game of The LEGO Group and other terms of screen transitions as the main target of this game is a toddler then it should be made a little bit slower so that the toddler can investigate further. LEGO Duplo Jams can be downloaded for free in the Android Store.

LEGO App4 +

LEGO Games App 4 + is an educational game that was released by The LEGO Group own and cater for children aged 4-7 years or for adults who like to arrange LEGO blocks can also try this game. In the game LEGO App4 + you can create own truck, carrying cargo to the destination, and earn coins to be exchanged with LEGO parts are new.

Before starting a level that must be done is to set up in the form of LEGO into one vehicle. There are four sections that need to be put together, the vehicle body, the wheels, the front half and the back half of the vehicle.

Because the form of the vehicle can be shaped as desired so that it can create a unique vehicle in which the blend between the front and the rest in the form of a police car is a truck body. So the power of imagination to create vehicles and other objects are needed in this game.

Since the main target App4 + LEGO games are kids then graphics design is also filled with bright colors like yellow and red. Design typical LEGO blocks are also shown well in this game coupled with a fun upbeat music make this game very interesting to play. For those of you who are curious about the game can be downloaded for free in the Android Store and is compatible with Android OS v2.1 minimal


If you already had an adventure with a unique creative form-unique vehicle then now you can adventure at the zoo in the game ala LEGO LEGO DUPLO Zoo. Here you will adventure together rabbits, giraffes, elephants and other animals savanna and river wading attended a birthday party for the Lion.

Needs to be done in this game is to build roads and bridges while completing challenges in order to get the lion’s birthday party on time. And the way you will feel the sensation of fun safari, camping out under the stars even watch movies at Cinema Zoo.

Just like the LEGO games App4 +, game LEGO DUPLO Zoo also cater for children because it graphics design reminiscent of a typical illustration picture book fairy tale with original musical accompaniment. LEGO DUPLO Zoo can be downloaded for free in the Android Store.