Logitech Keyboard Case futuristic Build

Logitech Keyboard Case has just launched a matching pair with the iPad 2 as well as The New iPad. Bringing extra comfort in typing, making your tablet to always look stylish in support of all the activity in your midst, and high mobility.

Keyboard Case is created from aluminum which is built with high grade precision cutting on a level with the creation of the aircraft, and the process of forging materials with quality military class.

Sheath Keyboard Case provides protection and cover the entire area of the screen and the sides of the tablet. So you can alternate access from Face Time to e-mails quickly, this product offers a flexible folding buffer, allowing you to access the tablet in a standing position (portrait) or horizontal (landscape).

“Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 and The New iPad is a blend of functionality and style, providing comprehensive protection to your tablet device,” said Country Manager of Logitech Indonesia, Sutanto Kurniadih.

To enhance comfort presented, the Logitech Keyboard Case is also equipped with a wireless connection (wireless) that can be easily and quickly connected to the tablet via Bluetooth connectivity? In addition, you also do not have to worry about charging for charging the rechargeable keyboard can be done easily via USB connection.

Bearings of high quality material on the sides and corners of the keyboard case provides extra protection to the screen and the side of your tablet from impact or fall accidentally.

Logitech Keyboard Case is the result of collaboration between the ZAGG Logitech, as one of the highly innovative market leader in providing a variety of gadget accessories worldwide.

Logitech Keyboard Case is available in the Indonesian market with a retail price of U.S. $ 79.99