Making Children As Friend Is Wrong

Today many newly married couples who want to make their children someday as a friend. Their goal is not bad, the relationship between the two will be more intimate and open. However, models of care also has a negative side. Child discipline is more difficult and stubborn.

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron of England said, children can behave badly when parents are afraid to discipline. Raising children is like a friend, would make the parent is no longer a figure that must be obeyed. Children will not be ready to face the real world.

“I treat children who have behavioral disorders clinic due to the parenting methods. Children 6 years of age was brought to my clinic because his parents worried when trying to organize. They worry that children become depressed, “said Professor Byron, quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to him, the children are so protected by the fear of disappointing their parents. Parents are always trying to get the child can not be separated from their range so less gain essential life skills. As they face the challenges, the child will recall how comfortable staying at home with their parents.

The same is expressed by Dr Mary Bousted, parents are not accustomed to saying ‘can not’ in their children.

“Parents are not doing anything because they want their children happy. They will try to make the children behave well or even make amends for lack of attention by way of buying a toy or gadget, “said Dr. Mary Bousted, Secretary General of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in the UK.

Dr Bousted confirmed, parents should have the confidence to make the rules, assign tasks to the children, encouraging them to be independent, and developed into a strong adult.