Making Children Having Optimistic Attitude

A study showed that a person would be better if the pessimistic face tasks that require precision. However, the optimist is better in almost every way. Optimists are also more successful in their lives, either in a career and a family. In general, optimistic people happier.

Optimists will not easily give up. They believe that bad things are temporary, while the good stuff is permanent. They believe that they can succeed so have a strong determination to do everything. They mean it. That is why optimists have a greater chance of success.

Teach optimism to children would be a great fight if parents, including those who are pessimistic. Conversely, if the parents have an optimistic attitude, the self-taught stuff full optimism. However, there are some principles that can be applied to help children to have an attitude.


Praise children with specific praise. For example, “You can run that far great”, rather than saying, “you’re terrific!”

Do not be blamed if the child made a mistake let alone punishment. Encourage your child to do better. Make sure your child knows that you do not mind one bit if he made a mistake that he’s not afraid to try again when it fails.

It would be nice if you gave him a gift on his repeat business that previously failed. Dare to try again after failing a basic essence of optimism.

Do not criticize his desire

Focus on achievement rather than failure. Sometimes there are parents that although children managed to rank top in the class but still not good enough to criticize the child because there is less value in the report card. Remember that your child can not be held perfectly constant. Focus on failures or shortcomings can make a child pessimistic and insecure.

Teach the children that bad things are temporary while the good stuff is permanent. For example, poor math scores, then teach the child to make the conclusion that the value of math is bad for lack of trying or anything else, instead of saying “stupid.”