Mistakes Parents In Disciplining Children

One misguided parents about child discipline is equate it with punishment. Not only that, there are at least five other misguided common to parents by Michele Borba, author of No More Misbehavin ‘: 38 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them.

Borba believes discipline is the best way to teach children how to behave. Attitude, according to Borba, is things learned and can be changed.

Here are 5 misguided parents in disciplining children by Borba:

Exemplifying a bad thing

Children emulate and imitate, so the attitude of the parents had a big influence. Before parents punish children for using curse words in a conversation with friends, try to look in the mirror and evaluate yourself.

Asking too much

It is recommended to improve the attitudes of children one at a time, although there may be some children’s attitudes that need to be addressed, do not do together. Focus your energy and attention on one of the most crucial attitude, only slowly, teach him about how to be good.

Did not provide an alternative

There was no attitude will change permanently unless taught other things to do. For example, rather than commanding the child to stop interrupting your conversation with other people, you should teach him to wait until your conversation and the other person stopped or there was a pause. Ask her to ask for permission or excuse me if it had to interrupt the conversation. Think again you demand it to the child, and expect the consequences to be faced by children when she broke.

Did not explain why

If you want the kids go through and understand the values that you hold, explain why certain rules apply. Make sure you explain why in 10 seconds or less.


Emphasize your rules simple. Do not end with the delivery of your rules questions like, “Okay?” When the child was pressing and trying to negotiate, try to be determined by the decision of your rules. Be aware of the rules you create.

According to Borba, a new habit takes at least 3 weeks and repeated practice in order to become a habit and attitude. Admittedly, creating a discipline or habit can not be in a moment, but the effort will be worth it.