Mother tongue, English Children

‘ve Heard complaints that the parents could not understand what dimau baby? It feels often yes. But usually it only happens in the first months of life the baby in the world.

Mother and son have a very close relationship ever since mom and dad seeds and grow together in the womb. This relationship is so tight and close. Imagine, more children were nine months in the womb. When the relationship is fostered by good and loving, mother generally will not have difficulty in interacting with the baby later. Have established a common language and that language is understandable although not in the form of words.

Language is only one baby … cried. When hungry he cries, he cries when hungry, sick when he was crying. Then how can we know what she wants? Here there is no more able to capture the willingness of the child unless the mother. What about Dad? He could understand her willingness when a close relationship and have lovingly intertwined. And even this fabric can actually be made since the baby still in the womb.

Therefore, do not underestimate the time that stretched over the baby in the womb. Take it to chat, with whom he heard the music, felt his little leg kick on your stomach and back with gentle pats. Enjoy the sense of community that comes from the way that’s most loving relationships.

When the language of love is formed, you do not need to worry about language has newer crying baby. Although initially a little confused, in a short time you will understand what is wanted of the beloved baby. By understanding what he wants, you can meet their needs. Even more importantly, psychologically baby will feel safe and comfortable.

This braid will be stronger when the child is growing up in the arms of the love of parents. Treat it naturally, do not overdo it. Set a good example and not just a command. Language beyond words often far more effective than the language of words.