Museum For Alternative Getaways

Museum is known as one of the storage areas and cultural relics of the past that have historical value. Because only labeled as “storage”, then still a few people who glanced at it as one of the tourist attractions. This assumption is certainly very wrong, because a museum could be used as one option to make an educational tour.

Jakarta is a city that has many museums scattered around the place. Maritime Museum, Museum Fatahillah, and the Cathedral Museum, are three of the many museum buildings that could be one alternative holiday. But when you’re bored or want to visit museums outside Jakarta, then you can try to visit the museums in the city of Bogor.

Here are four of the best museums Bogor that you can find in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, as released by the site Sec.

Museum of Zoology

Located in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, Museum of Zoology is a traveler favorite animals or animal lovers. Museum houses tens of thousands of types of fauna. Recorded about 650 species of mammals, 1,100 species of birds from various parts of Indonesia, 600 species of reptiles and fish, 10,000 species of insects, 700 species of invertebrates and mollusks some 2300 types here, complete!

“Now the Bogor Botanical Gardens admission for Rp 9,500 a ticket to get into the canal of the Zoological Museum,” said the staff of the Section Maintenance Collection, Asep.

Fauna is located inside a large glass room and there is also a display on the wall. Fun again, all these animals have a separate room, depending on the species. You will be amazed at the fauna and fauna native to Indonesia in there, like the proboscis monkey, orangutan, rhinoceros one, cassowaries, until the tiger dahlan. Really cool!

You also can see the explanation of the fauna on the boards explain . Thing so that you may take pictures as much with the background fauna and fauna there.

Museum Herbarium

“Museum Herbarium is located in Bogor Botanical Gardens as well, near the Mexico State,” said Asep explained.

Unlike the Museum of Zoology, Museum Herbarium is a place to store a collection of hundreds of plants from within and outside the country. This place is also used as a place of research scientists to examine the types of plants.

“Many plants of unknown sex., Where (Museum Herbarium) also examined to ensure a spot specimen (type-red) plants. Above 60 percent is from domestic plants and derived from a variety of areas,” added Asep.

Asep added, Museum Herbarium is also a place to store a backup of authenticity plants in Indonesia. “So, the authenticity of the plant an area we save here, as a way to rescue if the plant is already extinct in its original place,” he said.

Museum of Struggle

For the traveler who wants to know the history of people’s struggle against the Dutch colonialists Bogor, came to the Museum of Struggle. It is located on Jl Merdeka number 56, near Bandung Wholesale Center (PGB). In the museum you will see different types of weapons such as guns collection up stakes, the Indonesian currency in a bygone era, army clothes, and manuscripts about the struggle of the people of Indonesia.

“This museum is the oldest and most comprehensive museum collection in Indonesia, fighting museum version. Here a large collection of physical revolution in the years 1945-1950,” said the guide Struggle Museum, Mahrup.

Mahrup also added, this museum different from other museums, for the collection and the building. Museum building has been around since the Dutch era. As well, a silent witness to the struggle of the Bogor in ousting the invaders.

“Previously, the building was used by the Dutch as the building of spices, and in 1944 captured Japanese. Later in 1945 serve as a community center for the resistance of the city and county, and was discharged for two years,” added Mashup.

Finally, the museum was built on the 10th November 1957 and was inaugurated on August 15, 1958. The museum is comprised of two levels, the ground floor you can see a collection of weapons such as pistols, rifles, cannons hinggga. On the second floor, you will see the stakes, the pictures of the heroes of Indonesia, and other weapons used to fight the Bogor.

“The museum is open every day from 08:00 to 16:00 hrs. Admission $ 3 thousand. Museum is also crowded by schoolchildren or tourists from Jakarta,” close Mahrup.

Museum MAP (Defenders of the Homeland)

From the outside, the Museum MAP has a large garden and a large iron gate. The museum is located on the edge of Jalan Sudirman and not hard to find. MAP alone is the origin will be TNI. MAP is the Army fighters to expel the invaders.

This museum keeps a history of the formation of MAP and MAP army role in achieving the independence of Indonesia. There are two buildings and a total of 14 dioramas in it. MAP collection of weapons the soldiers were lined up in the museum. Previously, the museum building is also used as an army training center PETA.

You will get a lot of lessons about the history of Indonesia in expelling the invaders here. Statue of General Sudirman and Supriyadi in it will further arouse your passion for the love of the Fatherland!