Natural Nail Care Tips

Health care is a major task for everyone. When our bodies are healthy, we will be good going into the day-to-day aktivtas. Health care does not necessarily need an expensive cost.

Since the time of our ancestors, many natural ingredients that can be used to take care of our health.

Health is not just struggling with the internal organs, but also the outer body, just as the skin, eyes, ears, hands, feet, face, and other sebaigainya. There is a part that we often forget to take care of, that our hands and feet nails.

We often underestimate the health of your nails because the nails look healthier and less susceptible to diseases such as parts of the body. Wait, not all arguments are true.

Unhealthy nails can also cause disease in our bodies. Many germs that can be hiding in the nails.

Therefore, from now on let us take care Budayakan our nails. No need to go to a salon, because we were able to Maintain Natural Nails with natural materials as well.

The following tips will be discussed on Caring for Natural Nails uses natural ingredients are easily available.

• Lemon. Lemon is believed to eliminate the yellow color on your nails. How easy is by mixing the juice of the lemon juice with toothpaste (toothpaste useful for whitening teeth).

Rubbing the solution on your nails evenly. Wait until dry and wash using warm water (do not use hot water). Do it tertatur.

• Blimbing wuluh can also be used for Natural Nail Care. Blimbing wuluh believed to remove the dirt on the sidelines of the nail. And can serve to mengguatkan nails.

• Aloe vera. In addition to hair care, aloe vera can also be used to mearawat nails.

Aloe vera work weeks to clean up and make your nails look clear, straightforward way, ie by applying aloe vera that has been cleaned first and then apply it to the entire nail evenly. Allow a few moments and rinse thoroughly. Perform routine.

• Garlic works to strengthen your nails that are not easily fragile. Substances contained in garlic is very good for keeping nails so strong.

How to grate garlic and rub it on the nail. Allow a few moments and rinse with clean water. Or you can also rub-rub garlic directly to your nails.

• Turmeric. To get rid of a bad odor around the nails and hands, you can use turmeric. Parutlah turmeric and mix in a few drops of olive oil. Apply the mixture on the nails and hands.

Easy is not Caring for Natural Nails. So wait no more, from now on make it a habit to keep and maintain the cleanliness and health of our nails and toes. Good luck.