Partner Can Be Dangerous For Career

Wherever we work, must work together to meet a friend who has a variety of ‘flavors’. Not like the old school who can casually sorting through friends. At work, we would be required to open up and make friends with anyone.

Unfortunately, not all of your friends at the office can help us become better. There are also friends who actually brought the problem on our own, can even threaten his career.

Like what characteristics friend that we should be aware of? Check out his review, as quoted from forbeswoman, below.

The enemy in the blanket

Although best friends, still working world can not be separated from competition for certain positions and levels. No wonder, if the various ways people do to win the competition, including lying and betraying his own friends. In fact, data from forbes revealed that 35 percent of people have never had a friend who betrayed them in the office.

The transvestite show

Friends this one will continue to bother you, because he always wants to look perfect and stand out from everyone else. In fact, people with this type are often very selfish because they want all the attention focused only on him.


Many things can cause a person is always complaining or grumbling. Occasionally’s reasonable. However, if it is done all the time, it could interfere with your performance. Complaint can ruin your mood for work, and cause negative thoughts about various things.

True Critic

Criticism can basically help you improve yourself. It’s just too scathing criticism, unfounded, feeling self-righteous, and you are always on the wrong side, it will make you feel uncomfortable, even stress and depression.

The big mouth

Gossip and confide with work friends is not wrong. However, make sure you’re not confide in friends who love to gossip. Types friends like these, the edges will disrupt your performance, because it is not likely he will tell disrepute or personal problems to another colleague.

Transmitting bad habits

Each person must have good and bad habits. However, avoid friends who can be a bad influence on you, for example, likes to play truant, lazy work, justifies any means to get things done, and so forth.

Hopefully this info is useful for you!