Pentax K-30: The Though DSLR Camera Hold a cold

Professional DSLR cameras are now on average have been present in packaging formidable body that can survive in extreme conditions though. But unfortunately, it had to be paid extra durability with prices higher than the average of other DSLR. Well, that’s a breakthrough by presenting a Pentax DSLR cameras resilient in the price tag is quite friendly in the bag.

As tough camera, the Pentax K-30 is present in the package body is sturdy and durable, with a large grip handle design. Extra security features include its durability in all weather conditions, anti-dust, waterproof, and anti-freeze until the temperature of -10? Celsius. Pretty tough for most nature photographers though.

Behind toughness, pinning Pentax 16.3 megapixel CMOS sensor with image processor support, Pentax Prime M. Thanks to this processor, Pentax K-30 can be used to take photos and record video in Full HD 1080p quality with 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps. ISO options available also quite comprehensive, ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 12800. You can also increase up to ISO 25,600, use Custom Function feature.

In addition to offering extra toughness on the outside, Pentax K-30 also resemble the specifications of interest to professional photographers and serious amateur photography. To viewfinder, pentaprism which offers 100% coverage of vision he had. There are also features Auto Picture and Scene modes that are present in the 19 options for your shooting conditions are just learning or are lazy to adjust the camera settings. Pentax also embed Pentax Shake Reduction function in the body so that any lens embedded in the K-30 will be used by more stable. For fans of sports photography, Pentax K-30 are pretty reliable with his feature burst mode that can shoot a speed of 6 frames per second.

Accurate light measurement is also crucial and Pentax have set up multi-pattern metering system 77 segments to measure light more precisely. To produce fast autofocus speeds, Pentax SAFOX slip sensor module IXI + AF. For users of previous Pentax DSLR cameras, it will probably feel the speed and accuracy of the new autofocus algorithm. This technology also increases the accuracy and speed of a moving object detection and autofocus performance when using a telephoto lens.

As a partner to explore the wild, the camera battery life becomes a critical issue. Pentax K-30 have provided additional accessories, the Pentax D-BH109 which is the battery holder. With battery holder, you can put 4 AA batteries as a power source a replacement if the battery runs out of power lithiom ion standards.

Pentax K-30 only available in 3 colors: blue, black and white. The plan began to be marketed this camera in July 2012 with a price tag of U.S. $ 849.99 for the body only and U.S. $ 899.95 for the version of the package with 18-55mm lens.