Pitfalls Of Weak Network Security Services And How To Be Safe In Vulnerable World Wide Web

Every morning we arise with a newspaper story about hacking of an organization network. In the early 20th century the survey shown that hacking and viruses cost 1.6 million dollars worldwide. This is a considerable amount of money gained by the ways of investments. Recently the hacking of worldwide webs like yahoo, amazon.com, eBay, and some other popular search engines has gained the computer users attraction. And most recent incident of leaking the detective information through wiki-leaks has revolutionized the hacking world.

Network security has become a burning issue for the users. As we are familiar with the fact computer has became a major source of sharing the data and transfer of information. This is important for every organization to protect its secrets to spread roots in the market. Thus every organization should monitor the communication and storage system by any intrusion. These organizations can safe a valuable amount of data which can be mutated and harmed by the viruses, worms, spyware, adware, zero day attacks and hacker attacks.

The network security services became the necessity for each organization. But the question is that how is it used. There is no single solution to all the threats. There for multiple protection layers must be used in the functional form against the hackers. While applying network security, remember that it’s a costly process but not more that what you save through it. It costs to hire, train, and retain the skilled staff and hardware. Millions of dollars are being spent by organizations, governments, and corporations every year. It is urgency of cutting edge to protect company assets which is the primary goal for every organization, to gain a competitive advantage, to comply with regulatory requirements and personal responsibilities, and is important to keep your job.

The network security can be summarized by use of triangle. The contents of triangle are the prevention, detection, and response. This triangle is considered as a basis of network security. The foundation of security is prevention which is implied to prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities. The advanced network security schemes are revolutionized by the use of successful prevention methods.

However complete prevention is still unachieved but organizations should ensure that their measures are safe enough to eradicate the criminal activities. The second element of triangle is the detection, the detection takes the vital role when the prevention measures fail to produce blockage. The 3rd element of the triangle is the Response which is related with the plan formation. The plan should identify who is responsible for what actions and the varying responses and levels of escalation are in playing state.