Release Samsung 3D TV 46 Inch Widescreen

For some people technology enthusiast, there is a “formula” that is quite common is spread when buying a gadget: the smaller the size, the higher the value. So to meet the needs of consumers, almost all cell phone manufacturers started to make small-sized products. But the trend is happening in the world of mobile phones actually inversely related to developments in the world of television.

One of the biggest TV vendors in the world, Samsung is apparently aware of the desire of consumers to have a TV LCD / LED with sizes above 32 inches. The presence of Samsung 3D LED 46EH6030 this is one of them. Sized 46-inch LED TV with 3D capability relies Full-HD image quality with a lower price than the previous generation.

Following is a review of the Samsung 3D LED 46EH6030, as written by Kristian Tjahjono from the Yahoo! site.

Concept and design

With a relatively economical price, this TV design is quite simple. Frame is quite thick, although thinner than LCD TVs under the board. Overall, this TV is quite thick but still thinner than LCD TVs. Install the seat is also easy. Armed only with a regular screwdriver and screws provided, you can put it all in just 5 minutes. You can also put it on the wall using the hook / bracket can be purchased separately.

Features and performance

Although positioned as a large-screen TV at an affordable price, it has also been equipped television by some advanced features.

The first is 200Hz Clear Motion Rate. With this technology, images are produced when fast scenes like action movies will look much smoother than regular TV. Only when there is extra fast movements, occasionally appears there was some missed frames. However this is not intrusive and does not always visible.

The second useful feature is the Movie Connect. Actually, this feature has become standard in LCD TV / LED output in 2012, but the formats supported Samsung EH6030 quite extensive. You can play video files in formats. Mp4,. Avi,. Mkv,. Vob and .3 gp without difficulty. USB hard disk read speed is also quite good. But if the hard disk folder full of video files, it will slow down navigation. In essence, this feature is quite replace separate multimedia player.

Another sophistication lies in the color reproduction technology fronted Wide Color Enhancer Plus. The resulting color is very nice and looks alive. Contrast can also be shown to satisfy. Samsung EH6030 has several settings for color, black and so on. But if you do not want to bother and set one by one, the Movie mode could be the most suitable for different moods with good contrast. Unfortunately, the movie mode, the black color is closer to dark gray.

For 3D features, the Samsung uses active 3D technology with glasses that connect via Bluetooth connection. If the film is not in 3D, this TV is ready to turn it into 3D content. 2D to 3D conversion effects produced quite good. You can also adjust the depth of the 3 dimensions through the menu. Keep in mind, the 3D effect is also dependent on the quality of the production of 3D movies being played. 3D Effects in “Men In Black III” is still far behind the 3D effects in “Avatar”.

Connectivity is given quite good, with 2 HDMI, 1 USB port, 1 Ethernet port and 1 composite and component connection. Although not much, at least Samsung gives a pretty friendly here.


With the increasing number of Full HD content very supportive presence in the home cinema, large flat screen television is likely to continue to be a trend in the flat. Accompanied by a more affordable, big-screen TVs are expected to continue to increase sales.