Review: Hisense ‘andro smartfren max’ E860

Needs for higher Android-based smartphones only. The majority of them still want a device that is more affordable but not overly compromising quality. Smartfren as one CDMA operator in Indonesia, saw the gap as a way to increase their customer base significantly. This is evidenced by the response to the high market their products before, Smartfren Andro. Until now Smartfren still holding Hisense, electronic vendors from the Bamboo Curtain country.

The day before the Indonesian Cellular Show last Smartfren launched three new communication tools to the audience, one of which is the successor to the previous series, Smartren Andro Max. Using the Hisense E860, the response we received from the unboxing video on YouTube alone is high only a short time. Many are wondering what kind of performance. This time we had the opportunity to review it thoroughly.


Here is the video “unboxing” or open box Smartfren Andro. In this video you can see the package Smartfren Andro and glimpse the design before we discuss further below. First we tried using Andro Max with cards from other carriers to see if their device is locked Smartfren.


We do not say who imitate anybody, but a glance Andro Max looks like Samsung’s GALAXY series. In general, the size is quite fitting in the palm of the hand to be operated vertically by a thumb, and yet feels a little less wide when operated with two hands plus two thumbs. This is all relative to the type of hands that use them, whether large or have slim fingers.

Below the screen there are four touch-sensitive buttons that Options, Home, Back and Search. At the top of the screen are the earpiece that also serves as an external speaker. Such unification believed to reduce the quality of sound output, especially when we play multimedia files. This will be discussed further in the performance.

MicroUSB port is placed at the bottom, next to the microphone. The power button simultaneously lock screen you can find on the left side of the phone. 3.5mm audio jack like most other mobile phones placed on the top side so as not to disturb your current headphone plug is inserted into the cell phone pocket. The volume buttons are on the right side, while the rear casing for open access can be found on the lower right side.

Speaking of the rear casing, this phone overall look still look chic and elegant enough however stated in his class brand “smartfren max andro” and “Hisense” in there, along with a circular camera lens. This side is designed with contours arises to reduce the effects of slippery, especially for a convenient hands sweat.


Using Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.3 makes viewing Andro Max seemed fresh and away from low-end impression. By default, Smartfren provides 5 pages Widgets Home with enough choices that can be used to maximize the fifth screen. They are Bookmark, Costumer Information, Music Playlists, Direction & Navigation, Drive, E-mail, Photo Gallery, Gmail, Analog Clock, Calendar, Contacts, tips (tips) Main Screen, Power Control, Gmail Label, Music, Direct Dialing , Direct Messages, Shortcuts Settings, Play Store, Search, Traffic and YouTube.

If you slide the notification bar, there are a number of shortcut settings that will allow you to enable / disable various features such as WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, brightness, Ringer Mode, Data, HotSpot, Rotate, Airplane Mode and Sync. Normally, if active, the indicator turns blue and is white when switched off. Except for the HotSpot or Tethering, it will continue to burn off the blue despite its status. In the Brightness setting mode or display brightness, since Max is not equipped Andro light sensor, image sun turns blue with a black hole in the middle if you set the brightness to the lowest level, half-filled with a blue color when you set medium light levels, and fully charged for the rate the brightest.

Costumer Smartfren Info Widget will allow you to see your Smartfren number, current status whether active or grace, last use and the remaining balance or current pulses. Do not forget, always takes a direct Internet connection from your Smartfren (instead of WLAN connections) to continuously display the up-to-date. Some other applications include embedded Smartfren Music Warehouse, Smartfren Mobile, Smartfren RBT, Smartfren Store, Smartfren My money, Viki, VMS (Video Messenger Service), as well as the default Google Play Movies that are not available in the Indonesian market.

Limitations of view because of health problems or due to aging can also be overcome by the presence of the preferred font size is small, normal, large and giant. The absence of a camera shutter button is anticipated with the presence of fast access from the lock screen. If it is to unlock the screen you should shift to the right circle, then just do the opposite direction to activate the camera quickly. Very helpful when you want to capture the important moments.


Quite surprising to see the Quadrant benchmark results 1500 to record their total points for Andro Max who put him in the top spot, ahead of the Nexus One, Moto Droid X, even the Samsung GALAXY S and HTC Desire. It varies inversely with the test results that put Andro AnTuTu Max in eighth of nine devices with 2514 points.

That result occurs because the phone is capable of providing stable performance. Switching between-menu screen that is able to respond to read 5 touches at once quickly, though sometimes still feels less smooth. Various applications can be run well. We even had time to use Andro Max as one of the tools to review the application Magic Piano, which you can see in this article.

To examine the extent to which performance reliability Andro Max, we look for the game Dead triger at Play Store. If the game is not compatible on the devices you use – usually for a minimum specification owned devices are not sufficient – then this game will not perform or can not be downloaded. But by using Andro Max, I can find Dead triger at Play Store and managed to download it smoothly.

Increasingly made curious, we immediately try to play First Person Shooting game genre horror. The result is enough to make a smile: there is some interference from the graphics when displaying game map, and a fair amount of lag when playing games. For a smartphone with a price less than 900 thousand dollars, what is given by Andro Max is satisfactory.

Pooling effect with the earpiece speaker especially felt when you play multimedia files or playing games. The sound produced is small though it is set to maximum volume. Back You can see an example of the results on the video review above applications. The good news is, the sound quality is enough to listen to yourself when in a room or enclosed space thanks to the presence of equalizer settings manually or automatically based on the selection of tracks. If using a headset or earphones, you will get additional options Bass enhancement and / or 3D effects.

Andro Max equipped with a 3.1MP fixed focus camera with no selection effects as is usually found in other ICS devices. You will not be able to find a panorama capture mode and a front camera – because it does not exist. Features video recorder capable of producing quality VGA as well as several other options such as WQCGA, CIF, QVGA and QCIF.

Andro Max Battery life quite wasteful, especially if frequent or prolonged use of non-stop. Use intrensif like to play games, browse and listen to music for example; would drain energy Andro Max by half in just a few hours. Time setting screen is dim and the screen brightness, active / least WLAN and GPS as well as Bluetooth necessarily influences.


Smartfren Andro Max is able to provide performance that exceeds its price. It’s as promised by Tata Ibrahim Joko launch event in Jakarta a few months ago. He claims that this product is the cheapest smartphone in the world that even the price of “real” is not as cheap as they sell, Rp 888,000, -. As a result, Max Andro into the category of “Best Buy” and can be selected by those who seek ICS Android smartphone at an affordable price. Moreover, the design is also interesting and far from being “cheap”.

The quality of service that makes bundling operator Andro Max also be taken into consideration. Smartfren currently the only one that can hold EVDO Rev. B most extensive in Indonesia with a maximum speed up to 14.7 Mbps. Although Andro Max only has EVDO Rev specifications. A, but it was enough to support all of your data needs.

(+) Attractive design
(+) OS Android ICS
(+) 3 MP Camera
(+) Good performance in its class
(+) Cheap price, less than 1 million dollars

(-) Together with the earpiece speaker
(-) Battery wasteful
(-) Free 500 MB data only
(-) Non-hotswap microSD Slot