Review Sony Alpha 77

Translucent mirror technology on the Sony SLT camera does offer a lot of advantages. After reaping success with SLT camera range entry and middle class, now Sony target segment of professional photographers by presenting the Sony Alpha A77 which topped Sony SLT camera range.

Concept & Design

Sturdy and very solid in the hand. That was my impression when I first shoot with the Sony Alpha A77. This camera body using magnesium alloy and plastic material, offers better resistance than the Sony SLT cameras that use plastic materials for the body. In terms of ergonomics, great grip design makes it very comfortable to hold and not slippery in the hand. All that thanks to the surface of the body that comes with anti-slippery texture of orange peel.

On the back you’ll find an OLED electronic viewfinder with a very clear, flexible LCD screen size 3-inch TruBlack tech adjustable angle all directions and a series of buttons to navigate.

The number of keys that are included are quite a lot and may be confusing for those who do not know him. But so already mastered, you will be able to manage various settings more quickly than should look like a DSLR camera menu beginner class.

Buttons comes with a large size and very comfortable to use. For those who have big fingers size guaranteed not to encounter problems when operating it. To help you navigate the menus, the camera is also equipped with a joypad that can be used to access the settings menu and speed up the selection of the focus point when shooting.

Still talking about the button, Sony complete with a tiny play button for autofocus mode settings on the front. With the play button, you can easily choose to use autofocus mode according to shooting conditions. These features make the Sony Alpha A77 DSLR camera different from other manufacturers and series Sony SLT cameras that have been released previously.

On the left side are available several connectivity ports include flash sync, external mic, remote port and HDMI port. To find the right position when you take a picture, the camera is also equipped with a GPS module in it.

As for the right side, only available for a memory card slot, compatible with SD memory cards, SDHC, SDXC, and MemoryStick Pro Duo. For the bottom, only available tripod mounting hole and the battery slot.

Sony Alpha A77 comes with several shooting options such as Picture Effects and Creative Style, which is suitable for novice photographers. For Picture Effect, there is a choice of Toy, POP, posterization, Retro, light soft key, partial color, high contrast mono, softfocus, HDR painting, rich tone and miniature. As for the Creative Style options, there are effects of Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Portrait, Landscape and B / W. For those who love to capture a panoramic photo, you can still enjoy the features Sweep Panorama and 3D Sweep Panorama for producing panoramic images with ease.

Behind the body size, the Sony Alpha A77 is equipped with Exmor HD CMOS sensor APS-C sized 24.3 megapixel camera that has a resolution. With Exmor R technology, this camera proved reliable when used shooting under low-light conditions. Translucent Mirror Technology also makes it capable of capturing fast action with a speed of 12 frames per second at full resolution, better than the Sony Alpha A65 which is only 10 frames per second. This speed is aligned with other DSLR cameras such as the Canon 1Ds Mark IV is often used as a sports photographer’s camera.

Options available ISO setting is also quite adequate, accumulation of 50 to ISO 16,000. There is also the option Multi-shot NR mode flagship Sony, which automatically takes a few images and process them to produce a single image with minimal noise. For its ISO performance, the Sony Alpha A77 is fairly good. From the tests carried out, a new noise is clearly visible from ISO 6400. So if you are shooting under the ISO 6400, the images of the Sony Alpha A77 is still reliable with the images are quite sharp, accurate color and relatively low noise.

Filming also easier with this camera. Because the Sony Alpha A77 is equipped with 19 focal points to facilitate the focus on the object you specify. Very fast autofocus performance and almost no noticeable pauses, even when light conditions are less than ideal.

Sony Alpha 77 is not only reliable way to take pictures, but also to record video. For those of you who want to make a short film, this camera can record video with a resolution of 1080p or Full HD. We were impressed with the results that the video is very sharp and minimal noise. Autofocus system can also find focus very quickly and accurately while making a video made on a fairly low light conditions.

Lens Kit
In the purchase package, the Sony Alpha A77 lens bundled with a Sony 16-50mm F/2.8 diafragma. This makes the Sony Alpha A77 is quite different from other Sony SLT cameras that usually comes with standard 18-55mm lens. Range 16-50mm focal making kit lens is ideal for photographing invited for various purposes, ranging from the need of a wide angle such as shooting landscape, interiors, architectural building up portrait.

As the top line of the range Sony SLT cameras, the Sony Alpha A77 does have everything. With Sony Alpha A77, you get a camera that can produce images and videos are sharp and minimal noise and extra-fast autofocus system with 19 focus points are accurate. Reliability in low light conditions is also no doubt . The lens included in the package, the 16-50mm f/2.8, guaranteed to help you make cool pictures and much better than the standard kit lens 18-55mm which is cheaper. Body is tough and a bit heavy also promise extra durability when you use it in a less friendly conditions.

If anyone feels a little lump, may lie in its price. With spending USD 22.399 million (the price of A77 with 16-50mm lens), you can get a Full-Frame DSLR camera. Of course, not everyone needs a Full-Frame DSLR cameras, but the price is also noteworthy.

In our opinion, the Sony Alpha A77 unreliable for photographers who need speed as a wedding photographer or sports photojournalist. However, outside of the profession, and if the price is not an issue, the Sony Alpha A77 will satisfy you as a middle-class DSLR camera that is reliable, fast, feature rich, easy to use and ergonomic, packaged in one smart package with a quality lens.

Body + sturdy and extremely comfortable grip
+ The screen can be rotated, facilitates taking photos from a difficult angle
+ 12 Fps Continuous Shoot at full resolution 24.3 megapixel camera is aligned with other, more expensive
+ Noise is minimal at high ISO
+ The very good video in low light conditions
Autofocus + fast and accurate
+ Auto White Balance is quite accurate

– The relative price premium, almost the same as the Full-Frame Camera
– Not Full Frame (for some people)

Alternatively: Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon D700, Nikon D800, Sony Alpha A850