Review Sony Alpha SLT A65

Innovation brings tech cameras Sony translucent mirror (SLT) was able to provide fresh air in the world of photography. The problem with this technology, Sony succeeded in presenting a high-speed camera with a relatively affordable price. Yangcanggih was the arrival of “guests” an SLT camera from Sony that Alpha SLT A65. This new model is the successor to the first generation Sony SLT cameras such as the Sony Alpha SLT A33 and SLT A55.

Sony Alpha SLT A65 comes with a solid body design with an extremely comfortable grip on hand. In this section there gripnya play button to set the speed (S) and the diaphragm.

At the top, there is a jog dial on the camera mode, hotshoe for flash, the finder / LCD, ISO button, Composition and Exposure button on / off button.

The rear there is a display of 3-inch LCD that can be set angle. Screen quality is very good, and the ability to swivel can be a solution when using LiveView under sunlight.

On the right side of the screen, there is a button movie, AEL button (AV) to lock the exposure. When used in manual mode this button will also serve as a regulator of the diaphragm, and the zoom buttons to zoom when viewing images. There is also a handy Fn button to enter the camera setup menu and other buttons such as displays, WB, picture effect, drive mode, AF, play, and trash.

Although equipped with a lot of the settings button, all the buttons are placed in a position that was fitted with a fairly comfortable size and is very easy to reach by a finger so you can do this with the camera settings faster and easier.

On the right side provided a memory card slot that can use MSDuo Pro memory card or SD memory card and the left side of the body there are various connectivity ports such as remote, DC in, Mic, HDMI, USB and GPS.

At the bottom of the battery holder and holder Tripod.


Alpa Sony SLT A65 is equipped with an electronic viewfinder OLED quite comfortable to use. For those not familiar with the electronic viewfinder system, live view mode on the LCD screen can be used to assist you in taking pictures.

Still the same as the Sony Alpa SLT A55, Sony Alpha SLT A65 also comes with a 15 point AF sensor that can be optimized to determine the area that will focus on the object you are aiming. Also this camera is also equipped with various features that can be used for taking better photographs as a feature Smile Shutter, Face Detection, Object Tracking.


Sony Alpha SLT A65 is equipped with APS-C CMOS sensor 24.3 megapixels and a BIONZ processor chip flagship Sony to help it process the image. With Translucent Mirror technology , the Sony Alpha SLT A65 offers a continuous shooting speed of up to 10 frames per second and can be used to record Full HD 1080p video quality.

ISO option offered is also quite complete, with a choice of ISO 100 to ISO 16 000 are to be commended. From the test results we do ISO, noise began to appear on the new ISO 12800 to 16 000.

You’ll also find Auto ISO option (Multi frame Noise Reduction) which can be used to take pictures in very low light with minimal noise levels. With Multi Frame Noise Reduction camera will take 6 pictures and put them together into one continuous image results with the level of noise is quite minimal.

With the Multi-frame Noise Reduction

Testing the photos Sony SLT A65 Aplha performed with a standard lens Sony 18-55mm. Collaboration body and the lens can be relied upon to produce a fairly sharp with accurate color tonal either inside or outside. Performance photos in his office also commended the level of noise is quite minimal and accurate color tone at high ISO. The results of a more complete picture you can see in the gallery.

Continuous performance shoot 10 fps at full resolution 24.3 megapixel is its own selling points of this camera. Fast performance, minimal noise levels at high ISO and the ability to record video in full HD 1080p format, making the Sony Alpha SLT A65 reliable as cameras to accompany all your holiday activities.

The images are offered also quite sharp with accuracy and color saturation accurately. These features are available fairly complete and reliable for creativity and hone your photography skills. With a price of about $ 10,899,000 with 18-55mm kit lens, the Sony Alpha SLT A65 worth having for those who crave a continuous shoot camera with a fast in big resolution.

– Body solid hand grip design and a very comfortable grip
– Using the electronic viewfinder system replaces a conventional viewfinder
– Continuos Shot 10fps at full 24.3-megapixel resolution
– Record video in Full HD 1080p quality

– Button Operation is pretty much
– Body made of plastic