Review: SONY Xperia go

SONY preserve their traditions to create the outdoor, this time in the category of smartphones. After the year we’ve reviewed the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Active, hence the new name SONY Mobile philosophy, exists Xperia go that also carries many similar advantages: waterproof / impact / dirt but still wrapped in a sleek and stylish design. Curious how the overall performance?


As we mentioned above, the design go unseen as an outdoor smartphone with extra abilities. White or yellow color that brings it as impressive as fashion phones – far from sporty. And if you noticed, SONY design go to the port and jack-round lid, which they rarely apply except in special segmented products like this.

Uncharacteristically Similarly, 3.5mm audio jack is located on the left side. And with reason to be easily inserted into the pockets of pants (jeans especially), the vendor put the jack is at the top or bottom. The power button on the side stand it is easy to use with either left or right index finger, while the volume keys on the right side adjacent to the miniUSB port.

Overall, go rubber coated body that serves to absorb shocks, but it is far from the impression of a muscular or bulky. In fact, one might say, go design altogether remote from the tough and stylish enough to successfully perform outdoor phone category. Front side also appeared normal; earpiece on the SONY logo, 3 pieces touch sensitive buttons below the screen and a microphone on the left edge underneath. While on the back side of a small microphone hole appears beside the flash and camera lens.

Logo arise XPERIA green still present at the bottom, complete with a line of speakers. We mentioned that last impressions go further disguise held up well in the water. Because normally, we would wonder, what if water gets into the speaker hole into the machine and make it broken? Okay, to learn more, let’s just open the battery case cover. Kinda hard to do especially if you are unfamiliar, because SONY did not use special bolts as we usually find in old outdoor phone.

First, make sure you have enough nails to tuck between the two cases go: not too long but not too short. Open the manhole cover or port existing jack, then insert your fingernail through the open gap of 3.5mm jack go and slide down until the case can be opened. Well, if successful, you can begin to insert the SIM card and microSD are located on the right side. Both are due to go hotswap using the internal battery. Even so, the system will restart if you remove / insert the SIM card when the phone is on.

On the flip side is also not visible in the naked eye that go able to survive the extreme conditions. On the contrary, this section with SONY designing beautiful. In white color that we tested, the sky is blue dikelir apparent harmony with the body of white on the outside. Anyway cool, deh!


Still carrying Gingerbread 2.3.7 create interfaces go look ordinary, but with the characteristic Xperia Timescape UI. This includes the number of pages, widgets, to feature on the main menu a couple of times we’ve discussed in the Xperia series.

But it’s not a problem, given the uniqueness of this smartphone is the ability to move out of the room asked. Sony have included some of the applications that are directly related to the world of sports, such as adidas miCoach, WalkMate, and Figure Running. All three are applications underpinning sport that is easier to know how much you have been walking, running, how many total calories burned, and monitor your exercise routine, which in turn can be distributed to social networking.

Support Mobile BRAVIA Engine, the screen feels quite go up in the sun though. The sharpness even able to make eye discomfort if the screen displays a white color when in the room. The solution, turn on the display brightness to automatic or manually decrease until it is completely comfortable in your eyes.

SONY does not give the shutter button to allow you to take a picture, take a picture, but there are features that can be accessed quickly from the lock screen. If it is to unlock the screen you have to move the slide to the right, then to use this feature you just move the camera quickly logo to the left only. When using this feature, make sure you really are ready to shoot the target object, the result will be less than the maximum or more because of the users themselves.

The photos in the album Gallery you can customize the size (crop), turn left and right, and distributed via Bluetooth to other devices or online to Facebook, Gmail, Google Picasa and easily. There is also a 3D album in the gallery that will store 3D panoramic photos the camera go, but we’re still not sure you can see in three dimensions even after transferring the file to the 3D screen device. It’s been proven when we first tested the similar features and move the results to the HTC Evo 3D.

While the music player is still the standard for SONY with full functionality including the equalizer or sound balance can be set manually. The speakers are also quite reliable for the song that is playing to raise her round and solid. Unfortunately, when we plunge into the tub, the sound from the speaker is suddenly missing alias inaudible. When we picked it up again, it turns out the sound is still there, but a very small although volume remains full. That is, you can not listen to your favorite songs through the internal speakers when in the water.


3.5-inch screen is capable of reading 4 touch go together, and we prove it by the benchmark results. There are two interesting things about the performance: first, because the phone is designed to be used in wet areas, the screen was already supports wet finger tracking. This means that although you can not use it under water, but with a wet finger and the screen, you can still navigate the various menus and features that appear on the screen.

The second interesting thing is, if you’re accessing a feature or menu and then enter go into the water, then for some reason, the phone will respond with a “return to previous page”, just like when you touch the back button. It is most disturbing if you’re using the camera feature when trying to capture “moments wet” will happen. But beyond this, the overall performance okay anyway, including the virtual keyboard.

Armed with NovaThor U8500 chipset, dual-core 1GHz Cortex-A9 and Mali-400 GPU, go record a decent benchmark results. Quadrant putting up ranked sixth out of nine devices with 2543 points, while Antutu placing high enough in third, also from 9 device, with a score of 5576. While the internet performance test a-la Vellamo produce 924 points with the position under the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 and above ASUS Transformer.

With specs and benchmark results above, we tried to play the game Dead Trigger devices requiring high enough specification to be optimal experience when playing. The result? Graphics can be displayed properly, without experiencing lag when playing FPS games such Zombie.

Xperia is not equipped with a camera go ahead. Even so, 5MP camera (2592 × 1944 pixels), which carries a fairly comprehensive features, such as autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus, face & smile detection, 3D sweep panorama, 720p HD video at 30fps, continuous autofocus, video light until the video stabilizer. The images is quite good, the results of which you can see in the gallery below. Tip: for shooting in the water, use the self-timer feature and enter the cell phone into the water slowly.

Battery life is 1305mAh capacity go quite ordinary. Continuous use can last up to 6 hours, while listening to music on the go without activating Lebaran data or play games, can accompany you up to 45 hours.


Not many types of smartphones that are designed specifically for outdoor use are quite extreme. SONY Xperia go is one of the very few smartphones for use within outdoor has a cool design, the performance is okay and the prices are relatively affordable (about 3 million). Although it is still using the Android version of Gingerbread, but the use of the Timescape UI and features make it invisible ala Xperia obsolete.

(+) Attractive design, especially as outdoor phone
(+) Good Performance
(+) The results of both camera images and videos in almost all conditions

(-) Gingerbread version of the OS is still
(-) The problem when the phone goes into the water
(-) Battery built-in