Review: Sparta Tabulet

Tabulet is one of Indonesian native PC vendors are aggressively introducing their new products to consumers. After struggling in the PC world better through their unique computer keyboard and Android tablets, Tabulet tried to play in the smartphone segment by launching their first smartphone equipped with Android operating system.

Sparta was one of “The New Three Musketeers” Tabulet which was launched simultaneously in the event the Indonesian Cellular Show some time ago. Like most other local phones, Sparta also carrying two card slots which will increase the choice of Dual ON Android smartphone on the market.


Sparta is not designed to compete with the slim smartphone market, but in general he is comfortable in the hand with a relatively light weight. As some products from Tabulet tablet, the screen is surrounded by a black frame that could be used to make the screen becomes wider, especially at the bottom of the 4 buttons touch sensitive Home, Menu, Back and Search are. Above the screen we can see the earpiece, light sensor and front camera, no-frills brand Tabulet.

This device uses a microUSB socket located on the left side. The power button is adjacent to the 3.5 mm audio jack on the top, while the volume control on the right side, parallel to the camera shutter button. To open the case back, you can put the nail in a small alcove on the side near the bottom of the microphone. Behind Casing itself is quite unique, especially in the design of the camera lens and flash sit because there is a hole that makes the camera as though it could be closed by a sliding protective. Apparently not, because the hole if considered carefully is the speaker. O yes, the logo Tabulet with its tagline “everyone. anytime. anywhere. “can also be found on this side.

After opening the case back, you first have to remove the battery from its compartment to be able to insert the SIM card and microSD. Quite unfortunate considering it’s been a lot of vendors who provide the “hot swap” on its microSD socket. Fortunately all three can be accessed easily separated from each other because the distance is quite a relief.

Overall, the design Tabulet Sparta into simple categories for the category of mobile phones with prices above 1 million rupiah.


Android now has reached version Jelly Bean (4.1), and Tabulet still arming Sparta with Gingerbread (2.3) are likely not going to have the option to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). This makes the default interface looks old Sparta.

Sparta relatively high screen quality, but good enough for a smartphone in its class. Performance under bright light the screen is a bit worrying because the surface bounces so that the content displayed to its full potential can not be seen even though the brightness is set to the highest point. Sparta has a light sensor on the top of the screen that lets you set the brightness level automatically.

One feature that is quite interesting is the default alias Torch flashlight. If the HTC feature has a choice of 3 levels of lighting, then you have a lot of variety Sparta lighting: whether to continue or flashing lights with a certain time period to like disco lights, can be set from the ring or circle on the flashlight.

For those of you who like to write, there is Free Note that lets you pour a variety of ideas, notes and pictures to record sound and video into it with ease. Free Note supports handwriting. But with such a small screen, its use quickly made the hand feels stiff if not.

With Video Wallpaper feature, you can make your video collection as wallpaper on the Home screen. Although the recording was likely Sparta broken, but when displayed as wallpaper moving, so-so thumbs up. This feature complements as Live Wallpaper features are also available. Besides that should never be forgotten, of course features two GSM cards are active simultaneously, typical local vendors.


As usual, we also do 4 benchmarking in Sparta. For the touch screen, there are 4 pieces total touches that can be read and responded simultaneously. For performance parameters and performance, both Quadrant and AnTuTu alike lowest point. Quadrant scored 748 while AnTuTu 1675. While benchmarking in terms of browsing experience using Vellamo incised value 282 and put Sparta in the top 27 of 28 Android devices in the list.

With results like that, the impression of low end Tabulet Sparta even clearer. You can not expect optimal performance while playing games or doing heavy browsing smoothly.

But as a music player, perhaps Sparta performance. When we try to play a song air-bit fast on the highest volume, the sound output is generated not just loud but also maintained quality. Despite the low tones are less felt, at least you will not get broken sound (although it must be noted also bit rate songs). It’s one of the positive value of the separation of the earpiece speaker. Moreover, the music player feature is still equipped with the lyrics that you can add yourself as well as sound effects.

More value is the presence of other Sparta shutter button on the right side of the phone. Although you can not directly activate the camera from the lock screen, but its presence is very easy when you take a photo or start and stop video recording. While the results are quite pretty. Unfortunately, the video format is 3gp. You can see for yourself in the gallery below.

Last is the battery. If you enable both the card and Wi-Fi, for example, even without playing Sparta alias in standby only, then in a few hours the battery indicator will be reduced to 20%. But if you turn off Wi-Fi and let Sparta in standby only, then to any day battery indicator still shows full.


As the first smartphone from Tabulet, Sparta look pretty good on one hand but on the other ordinary. For class Android phone’s 1.5 million rupiah, Sparta has some plus like Dual SIM Card ON, the shutter button, a 3 MP camera complete with flash, good quality external speakers, so the video features a variety of wallpapers and flashlights.

But on the other hand, the Gingerbread version of Android is still no option to upgrade to ICS, it will certainly be a consideration of potential consumers to choose Sparta. Lightning lights is not so bright so impressed “bear”. If concluded, Sparta might be better suited for those who want to have a companion smartphone with 2 cards and the facilities they are novice users of Android.

(+) Button camera shutter
(+) 3 MP camera + flash
(+) Speaker quality is quite good
(+) Classified as long-lasting battery
(+) Dual SIM Card

(-) The simple design
(-) Flash camera is not maximized
(-) Less hardware performance