Rise of Video Game Action-Adventure

Video games will continue to evolve, along with the development of technology that exists today. The more advanced gaming console is present, it will be more attractive also games that will be developed and produced by production houses video games.

But there is one genre of video games that will be a conversation, is associated with the development of these technologies, the action-adventure. A genre that has always been one of the favorites for the hard-core gamers around the world. Because the genre requires dexterity and your wits in completing each level is presented.

Here are five action-adventure video game that could receive special attention from observers around the world of video games, as summarized by Oktomagazine of zoomin.tv.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

For hardcore gamers, with just hearing the name of Metal Gear Rising (MGS) alone, surely thought we would immediately drift into self-Hideo Kojima, a video game nan legendary master planner. But in this case, Kojima was not directly involved in the process of making a video game of this one. Of course, many people who voiced doubts over the quality of the video game. However, not a few who give a positive value.

It was obvious from the look and incredible gameplay of MGS: Revengeance. Understandably, a video game created by the production house and Nex Entertainment Platinum Games, the team that made Bayonetta.

Darksiders 2

In 2008, Darksiders manages to make a big surprise in the world of video games. Quite a lot of people are very interested in playing video games. But that success was continued through the sequels that have been release recently, with the title of “Darksiders 2”.

Darksiders 2 offers a whole new experience when you play a video game. In the sequel, you will play a new character Horseman, named “Death” aka Death. By just reading the name alone, you can certainly imagine how she called to play a video game on this one.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne is one of many most popular video game character in the world. Prominent anti-hero is a former policeman who was exacting revenge for criminals who have destroyed his family and his whole life. And that makes this character so popular is its ability to perform bullet-time shooting, a technique first popularized by the movie trilogy “The Matrix”.

Quite a lot of development done by the production of Rockstar Games. Increasing the intensity of the story also helped deliver more value for the video game. The gameplay is very easy to play also helped immerse you in an act of revenge ex-cop who is now turning into a bald bodyguard who was exiled himself in Brazil.

Tomb Raider (reboot)

Surely you will instantly imagine a figure of Angelina Jolie who played Lara Croft, when I heard the title above. But for this time, you will no longer act as a wealthy British woman who constantly travels the world looking for treasure. And of course, you’re not going to play the sexy Angelina Jolie here.

Production house Square Enix gave a new twist, even major changes, in the video game. In his version of the reboot, Tomb Raider as if it intends to repossess Lara Croft to the early days where he became a figure we know today. You’ll play as a young Croft still looked fragile and not yet a woman adventurer, as played by Jolie.

Hitman: Absolution

Most wanted of the year. Claims referred to by a hardcore gamer who Oktomagazine had met recently, it was not excessive. Naturally, because Hitman: Absolution is the only video game development experience and a fantastic remarkable development, when compared to the previous series.

Created by the production house that made Tomb Raider reboot version, Hitman: Absolution gives a detailed overview on every adventure is done character Agent 47. Gripping story, along with the option to kill enemies, make video games this one is really awaited by lovers of video games out there.