Safe place to Play for Small

Playing is a child’s incentive to investigate their world, and in addition to equip children with a variety of toys and activities, should also be available place to enjoy it.

Children’s playground could be anywhere. Provided that qualify, your child will love to play in a place that you provide. What are the conditions?

Match Requirement and Safe

Ideally, a place to play is a pretty broad and can meet the needs of the child to play by the type of game. So the kids can play while optimizing the development of physical, emotional, intellectual, language and social.

But this place does not have to mean a specially designed and equipped expensive equipment. Reasonably assured that these places inspire a child to play. In place should be kept clean, free of any objects, toys and other things that may endanger the safety of the child. For example, where it has a flat surface and is quite soft, protect children from adverse weather, there are no sharp edges and no toxic paint coated.

Inside and Outside the Home

Inside the house is a playground of the most frequently used toddler. Child’s bedroom or a corner of the house that can be used to qualify. Do not forget to provide a place toys within easy reach, so that children can pick up and store it back with ease. Keep dangerous objects, trash, where drugs, stove, objects that use mainly electricity socket.

Playing outside the home as an active game variations such as running, jumping and climbing should be conducted. In this place the child can express himself with a feeling of loss, as well as free sharpening physical skills, muscle coordination and the senses. Make sure the place was no debris, broken glass, objects or items that pose a potential danger.