Sakinah Family Forming

Entering a new world for a new partner, or better known as the new bride is indeed a joyous. But not without difficulty. From the first step to the altar, everything is going to feel different. Apart from dependence on parents, friends, relatives, and then try to live with other people who may have never known before.

All this requires special preparation (although already know), so as not to get caught in a dilemma that can bring household regret later on. Among the preparations that must be made by the new partner will ship sailed home:

Mental Preparation
The move from the world of adolescence into the adult phase under the auspices of the marriage will greatly affect the psychological, so the mental preparation required to bear the new position, as a housewife or a head of household.

If now you have already bearing the title before you have time to think before, you are not too late. You can start from now, you mentally prepare by reading books about ways to settle down, or you can learn from people nearby, who can provide advice for your household

Identifying Couple
If the first person close to you is a mother, a friend, or your brother you’ve known since childhood, but now the number one for you is your partner. While your partner is the person you’ve met before, say in the courtship, but it ensures that you have not yet really know his personality.

Other circumstances. Courtship with the domestic environment is much different. Especially if your partner is a person you’ve never met before. Here the need for adjustments.

You should know more for your spouse, any deficiency and excess, and then you understand what you should be, without having to question everything. Because your real life with your spouse in the household to complement one another, so as to create harmony.

Studying pleasure mate
Small concerns will have value to your partner, especially in the beginning your marriage. You can do this by learning your partner pleasure, ranging from appetite, habits, hobbies and other stored. It does not matter if it’s what pleases you do not like.

You can prepare coffee and your favorite food when couples who had a hobby of reading being leafed through. Or you can not ever take the time to just drive your partner shop, to please him.

Or if maybe you can combine your hobby that turned out the same, so you have to install the stock affection in the hearts of your partner as a first impression, because the first impression will always remember. First impressions are so tempting, then it’s up to you (like ads only). And you can make it as a special habit in your household.

Instilling a sense of mutual trust
No one if one day you feel suspicious and jealous. But you must remember, what factors make you jealous and how large portion. Not funny if you do it with just based on feelings. It is okay to simply express the feeling of love, but not a good idea if it’s too excessive.

You should instill a sense of trust, so that you will feel calm, not enslaved by their own feelings. Make sure that your partner is the best person you know, that you really love and also prove that you are in desperate need of his presence, and then behave in public.

The problems that arise in the household must be dealt with today. Strive to solve problems you invite your friends to deliberation. Likewise in regulating plannings in the household, no matter how small your problems, whatever plan you’re just stacking. You can choose the exact times for the mutual exchange of ideas, can now relax, watch or anywhere if only your spouse is in a state fit.

Creating an atmosphere of Islamic
Islamic atmosphere can you form through the arrangement of space, motion, your daily behavior and others. Pray with your spouse, Koran together (not necessarily all the time, just after maghrib or dawn), came together and memnbuat majlis ta’lim Islamic activities in your household. This will add to the close spiritual bond between you and your partner. From here it will form an Islamic atmosphere, Sakinah, Mawaddah wa Rahmah. Insha Allah.