Schizophrenia in Children Toward Adults

There are many psychological disorders that have been revealed at this time, and schizophrenia is one of the forms of psychological disorders.

Schizophrenia is basically a psychological disorder that strikes the imagination and hallucinations as well as a wide range of abnormalities that occur in their way of thinking which will then impact on emotional stability, and the morbidity of the patient’s behavior.

Such psychological disorders can happen to anyone, and no exception to children. Schizophrenia in children is often considered similar to brain health disorders such as autism, Asperger’s and also sidrom disorder Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

Both schizophrenic adults and children basically had a problem at the level of their hallucinations were so high that they create strange happenings in their own minds and sometimes make them afraid to even paranoid.

Though the incident did not actually occur in practice. To be able to distinguish schizophrenia in children and symptoms of mental disorders in children yanglain, the following differences:

· Schizophrenia in children is usually caused by genetic factors, whereas autism is not influenced by genetic factors.

· Children who suffer from schizophrenia tend to show a weak intellectual development.

· There are no limitations in the ability to talk to children who suffer from schizophrenia as experienced by children with autism disorder, but children tend to express ideas skizofrennia unfair and unreasonable.

· Schizophrenia in children is usually not innate, but will appear later on. Unlike autism already detectable since early birth.

In order not to drag on into adulthood, then schizophrenia need to be aware as early as possible. Parents need to be more sensitive to the psychological development of children, especially so when things happen that are not fair to be addressed immediately.

As with schizophrenia in children will also be addressed by doing some kind of therapy is done properly and regularly so that in the future the child’s life can be lived more normally without this kind of psychological disorder again.