Serve HSQ01 Qulmax Cleanest Sound Quality

Listening to music, be it classical or modern music is one of the best ways to calm the mind in order to stay fresh and cheerful mood again. Because that music nowadays is a vibrant part of modern society, be it in the workplace, community, and family. There are many common ways to listen to, one of them by using a headset.

Yes, contrary to listen to music using the speakers, enjoy music using the headset it will give you an incredible sensation because it will make you more and more carried away with the music you’re listening to. So many choices scattered headset market, one of the best that you can use is QULMAX HSQ01.

One of the major advantages possessed by this headset is made QULMAX resulting sound clarity so you would like to listen to music directly. QULMAX HSQ01 also have a dampening qualities distortion in the class, which will cover all the noise coming from the outside when you’re enjoying the music.

This can happen because the headset is created using thick foam covered in leather making it comfortable to grip both ears, so there is no gap for the outgoing and incoming sound. For you lovers of rock music, you can also enjoy your music up to the maximum volume, without fear of disturbing the environment around you.

Comes with five catchy colors, the headset is equipped with a 3.5 mm jack which is suitable for use on almost any music player or mobile phone in general.

Overall QULMAX HSQ01 is a headset that will best assist you in enjoying playlist of your favorite songs and listen to the orchestra seemed to live with all the musicians standing near you, make you more immersed in it.