Shamoon 30 000 Computer Virus Damage

Be careful with your network computers, let alone computer you have is a computer networking company. It was caused by the defective virus Shamoon high-powered computers so that all companies should change with new ones.

Damage to the victim’s computer and the company as a result of virus attack or the impact experienced by Shamoon ARAMCO, the Saudi Arabian oil company and RasGas, Qatar natural gas company.

Virus Attacks “Shamoon” the Saudi Arabian oil company, ARAMCO is perhaps the most fatal attacks faced by the business sector today. Shamoon Virus virus is described as a sophisticated and highly damaging.

Impact damage caused by a virus attack Shammon remarkable because infected computers had no longer be used and should be replaced with new ones. This is experienced by the company ARAMCO. There are more than 30,000 computers were attacked and made ​​unusable and should be replaced.

Virus Shamoon routine process called the “wiper”. Virus Shamoon have code that can run independently and alter or replace critical system files with an image of a U.S. flag on fire. Virus Shamoon also replace it all data with real writing excessively on the machine. The virus is filled with what is called the garbage data.

Imagine, if Shamoon Virus attack your company, what would happen? The virus attacks alone Shamoon such impact (30,000 damaged computer), especially if there is an attack simultaneously and jointly conducted around the world by Shamoon Virus?

Who’s Virus Creator Shamoon?