Skinny = Malnourished baby?

Body weight (BW) normal newborn is about 2.5 kg. If BB is too small, do not worry about the baby’s body organs can be grown to perfection. Whereas if BB is too large, it is feared the baby would be born with normal and difficult to go through a cesarean section.

BB accretion baby can be seen every quarter. In the first quarter, the increase ranged BB 150-250 grams / week, second quarter increase is around 500-600 grams / month, third quarter increased 350-450 grams / month, and the fourth quarter of approximately 250-350 grams / month. Seen that in the first quarter, added baby BB is faster than the second quarter, III, and IV.

Reference to see whether or not the accretion normal BB generally can be seen when the baby reaches the age of 6 months and 1 year. At age 6 months, babies usually BB reaches 2 times the birth weight and become 3 times as much at the age of 1 year. Less than the weight, then the BB is low or the baby, including baby skinny.

Skinny baby is a baby that his BB at birth is low or below 2.5 kg. One reason may be affected when the baby is still in the womb, when the formation of the baby’s body and organ growth begins.

Although BB baby at birth is normal, not necessarily further the development of its BB will be in accordance with normal growth. At a certain stage, there is a tendency to slow accretion baby BB. Between 1 to 6 months, infants BB accretion is fairly fast, but at the age of 6 months, of increase will be slowed down. The condition occurs in almost all babies. One reason is because at this stage the baby has been moving more and growth leads to body.

When accretion BB infants 6 months of age is abnormal and does not increase or actually decreased, it is necessary to be the cause. Infants with a low BB will at greater risk for developing the disease compared to infants with normal BB.

Skinny babies can indicate nutritional deficiencies that may be caused by habits in families where mothers are less careful in providing proper nutrition for the baby. Provision of nutrition is not just one aspect, but should be balanced between providing protein, carbohydrates, fats, calories, and vitamins.

What if many efforts have been done, but the baby still skinny? Contributing factor means it is not an infectious disease or lack of nutrition, maternal knowledge may be lacking in the provision of food or environmental factors were less supportive. In other cases, the baby is usually difficult to eat so that the nutrients needed was not optimal. It does require specific actions of the parents and if necessary consult a doctor immediately right.