Squirrel proofing your bird feeder

Reward, as it is, can feed the birds in your yard, even if frustrating responsibility never fly for gray hair tailed rodents your store to buy grain face. Read on to learn more about tracking feeders squirrel proof birds and squirrels few simple tips to avoid taking advantage of your generosity for our feathered friends.
Available for some, with squirrels is a welcome addition to the wildlife garden. However, not only the squirrels a great appetite, but they can be very aggressive when it comes to food. Whole bird seed feeders can be eaten by squirrels and they often hunt birds in the process. Squirrels can also cause serious damage to bird feeders and are able to scratch through the plastic and wood to get to a food source.

If you want to attract birds to your garden, you are often your squirrel proof bird environment need power. This can be done in a number of ways, but the first thing to do is to buy a squirrel proof feeder.

Feeder squirrel proof

Elegant yet durable squirrel proof feeder are readily available commercially and there are a number of different models available.

Weight activated squirrel proof feeder

Weight activated feeders are one of the best ways to prevent your squirrel eating birdseed. When a squirrel lands on the platform bird feeder mechanism activated by the weight is stimulated. This includes the supply port, preventing access to squirrels grains. The heavier the weight of the squirrel squirrel differs from Vogel.

Squirrel cage type of proof supply

Many bird feeders offer a cage built to contain the complete feed. The cage is mounted to pass through the birds, squirrels, but it is too narrow to get through. It is important to select a stable and durable design, as squirrels are known to try the bars in an effort to get food to eat. Metal cage feeders offer a sustainable option at competitive prices. The added functionality of the power cage style is that it can be used for large birds like pigeons to distribute.


Hanging a bird feeder from a string and the setting of a deflector to prevent squirrels from access. Similarly, harassment can also supply rail birds and birdhouses funds to be secured to prevent access. Some owners use half a plastic bottle instead of a squirrel baffle, but it is not pleasing to the eye.

When a house flies constructed using a rod is then a substance such as petroleum jelly is to lubricate the coating poles. This may also deter squirrels.


Once a sufficient proof squirrel feeder, there are some things you should consider before hooking chosen:

It is recommended that the bird feeder hung at least 3 feet of potential purchases. ie at home, a newspaper and other structures such as squirrels can use their prodigious leap to reach the manger.
Squirrels can jump three feet in the air to avoid hanging a charger and a half meters from the ground.
Make sure to prune all lower branches or surrounding shrubs within 3 yards.

While squirrels eat most things, there are some foods that are less attracted. Namely, beef tallow, safflower seed and Nyjer thistle. With the decision to use these sources of food, you can reduce the use of the squirrel. However, the downside is that you can be less attractive to birds themselves an effective strategy to spice up birdhouses bird seed. Squirrels are sensitive to spices is made of peppers and chilli. Strong chili powder or hot sauce can be sprinkled on food, causing a burning sensation unpleasant, squirrels and birds will not see the spice.


Grain additional broadcast under a squirrel feeder will represent a single source of food and can help divert squirrels. Squirrels are opportunistic by nature, and it is almost always the best way to eat.

If squirrels engaged in feeding garden birds can be a nuisance. Make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your bird feeders if you want to keep your garden area for birds.