Steps and Tips Smokey Eyes Makeup

It has a beautiful appearance and outward appearance is gorgeous with the right makeup to make her look more attractive. Make up to be one surefire way to generate the character we want. Make up eyes, lips and face into the unity that need attention.

Eye makeup to be one of the principal elements of supporting a woman’s appearance. To get an impression of dramatic, eye makeup Smokey Eyes could be a mainstay. We can apply it to a variety of special events that will make us look different than usual.
So, what is Smokey Eyes make up? of course this is one style that is more eye makeup and bold dark colors like black, brown, gray, or other dark colors to get an impression of the pretty dramatic. We can choose the color of eye shadow, eye liner with a dark color, but according to our skin tone. As for some step in the application of eye makeup, among others, can be seen below.

• Apply eye shadow base in the eyelid. Primer for eye shadow is very helpful to maintain the color of eye shadow and make the color more out. If not available eye shadow base or primer for eye shadow, we can use a concealer.

• Make eye frame is to apply eye liner pencil shaped. Draw from the inside of the eye towards the outside to the top and bottom of the eye. To seem more natural, disguised lines with gently brush using a brush.
• Apply dark eye shadow on the eyelids as a base dressing Smokey Eyes. We can mix three shades darker. Rub evenly from the inside out with one-way positions.

• Provide eyshadow bright colors like silver or white in the eyes of our bones as a highlight.

• For eyelashes, make eyelashes using a curler into flicks. Pinch lashes slowly and rather old. If we are not happy with the condition we can pair eyelashes false eyelashes thick and long impression.

• Use that has the effect of thickening mascara to get Smokey Eyes makeup perfect. Apply several times so that the lashes look thicker.
• Trim your eyebrows and pertebal using an eyebrow pencil. For natural impression on the eyebrows, after applying eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush with a special brush.
For eye makeup Smokey Eyes, we must also consider the makeup and lips. Choose nude or natural color lipstick, as well as the selection of blush on. Avoid overly bright colors so as not to look too much. With lips and face makeup will naturally reinforce the pretty dramatic side.