Supporting Windows 8 Accessories from Logitech

Microsoft’s effort to make a revolutionary change in the world of technology, it seems to get a good reception from several computer companies. This is evident from how excited the developer teams at major technology companies to build a hardware that can support Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system hybrid.

However, the presence of Windows 8 is not only welcomed the laptop manufacturer. The developers in the field of computer accessories were also joined together to build equipment that can help us to interact with the hybrid system. Logitech, for example, bring 2 pieces of a mouse and a trackpad for navigating optimize Windows 8 OS on devices that do not include a touch screen.

Here are some accessories developed by Logitech, as written by Kristian Tjahjono from Yahoo!.

Logitech Touch Mouse T620

In terms of design, this mouse is similar to the Logitech M600 is first released. You will not find a button as mouse clicks or scrolling in general. There is only the surface of the mouse that serves as a place to wipe your fingers to navigate the same as Apple’s Magic Mouse.

Logitech Touch Mouse T400 Zone

This device is more akin to a conventional touchpad because it is equipped with a touch strip on the side. Touch strip has the same function as the scroll. You can move a web page up and down just by sweeping parts of the touch strip.

T650 Logitech Magic Trackpad

Surface Magic Trackpad from Logitech is made of glass that offers the same highly responsive performance are like the trackpad on a laptop.

The three new devices from Logitech’s Bluetooth connectivity technology brings a very practical and free cable. For Logitech Mouse T620 and T400 are powered by AA batteries. As for the Logitech Trackpad T650 is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be recharged from a USB port.

The plan is three devices will be sold at a price of $ 80 for Touchpad T650 priced, $ 70 to $ 50 for the Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse T400.