Take action to save animals

The extent of the cruelty that animals are exposed to every day throughout the world, is frightening.

How is it possible that this kind of suffering is allowed to go?

Wondering how people see nothing wrong, and in fact, take some of the remains of live animals heard his cries.

Look hens crammed into cages so small they are feathers pecked to death cage mates.

As owners and employees of the zoo saw that the animals are kept in isolation to rock back and forth, or pace constantly displayed stereotypic behaviors, as they slowly insane.

There are legislators who may suffer from a stroke of the pen, stop. Enforcement, existing laws, and the dishes they have in their power, may impose to punish perpetrators of violence.

And yet, here we are, and nothing changes.

Do not ask these people, part of what is supposed to be a civilized society can not look in the mirror what happens?

Many believe that the problems are so big, they could not possibly make a difference as an individual. Did you know that a voice added to another is more than one vote? And it is a cry.

There are many ways that each of us can make a difference:

* Buy products not tested on animals. While it is not as common as your local stores and pharmacies carry them.

* Why not leave a note to the company you are. Buying is no more, and let them know that it is because they continue to test their products on animals If enough people do it, and they notice a drop in sales, it will have an effect.

* Buy organic. Although standards in some countries are not as high as others, it is a start, and you send a message that you raised about the condition of animals for food.

* Buy free range / cage eggs

* Buy anything with fur. The only excuse that fur coats are warm, is an absurdity. People climbing in cold weather does not freeze, and it is not because they wear fur

* Do not go to zoos or circuses, and discourage others from running as well. You want your children to learn about animals? Take them to a sanctuary where they rescued animals and teach them why they should be in their own habitat.

The little things each of us can do will make a big difference in the lives of animals who suffer every day in the hands of the people.

A little compassion in the world a child instead.