Teen Sexting Trend alert action

Action alert Teen Sexting – the title of this post accidentally chose the theme sexting. I think this is a serious issue and needs serious attention as well. I consider it seriously because it affects in many ways.

Currently among teens sexting phenomenon can be said to have become a trend. Known as sexting trend has mushroomed and is done by many teenagers. Along with technological advances and the high mobile phone and the internet, many young people who do it.

Why should watch out for and parents are expected to supervise their teenagers sexting behavior. Actually, what is sexting?

Sexting is the act of sending messages or sexually explicit photos. Deliveries occurred mainly between mobile phones or mobile phone. But in its development, sexting behavior is to use the Internet to upload pictures or update their status on social networking on the action.

Sexting term was first popularized in early 21st century and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, where the latter is meant in the broadest sense possible to send a text with a picture.

Teen Sexting Behaviors Form
Encouraged obtain momentary pleasure, many teens who wasted no time taking their own pictures in various poses challenge invites lust. Then the pictures (and often are in the form of video) naked they send in the form of multi media files.

Ironically, what’s done is take pictures half naked teen (toplesss) or even no clothes at all is knowingly and without coercion from anyone.

Furthermore, the action of sexting images they sent to his colleagues or uploaded to Twitter and Facebook to update their status on the wall. There were also among those who shamelessly spreading videos sex scenes.

Another form of sexting behavior among teens is to sell yourself. They advertise themselves in online media and utilizing social media. Teen sexting is behaving openly dared attach rates for their services.

Actors sexting not only from families with lower economic level, but also some from family very capable. They sexting action was aimed at getting the money, but were not a few who do it purely for the pleasure of sexual activity.

Funnily enough, there is also driven narcissism sexting behavior. Want to prove to his friends, that he dared. Of course, these forms of narcissism are misguided.

They forget that the impact sexting behavior was very large. Not only for himself but his family and social environment, too, get the sap.

Sexting behavior can be categorized as an act of cyber crimes (cyber crime). And unless that action can be threatened by anti-pornography law

Role of Parents
The development of mobile technology and the internet are great and should be coupled with sophisticated tight control by parents. Parents should assist and provide guidance on the use of sound technology. Parents should not only provide the needed facilities, but also provide guidance. Behaviour sexting is a form of abuse of technology. And it can happen very probably due to lack of parental care and control.

Teens have a curiosity or wonder about something very high. This gave him the opportunity to abuse the sophisticated technology tools in around their .

Can contribute to the behavior of sexting among teenagers is celebrity style when dressing. When they appear on TV wearing skimpy clothing store. Including artists singers music video show it and support the artist wore skimpy.

Researchers and parents in the UK are also strongly condemn the behavior of British celebrities wearing minimal clothing and erotic dancing as singing.

So the parents in the UK are asking the school to control their children in the use of mobile phones and the Internet at school.

Actors Action Sexting
Not just teenagers, according to a survey in the UK stated that the action of sexting was also made by one of the four 11-year-old. They exchanged pornographic images of themselves by text message .

In the survey also said that 40 percent of children between the ages of 11 to 14 years admitted to using cell phones or computers for sending pictures of themselves in a state without a single yarn in the body.

And there are 4 of the 10 children who consider fair circulated pictures of women without clothes in the school environment.

Sexting trend right now, according to the experts is a significant shift in the form of kids who only see now turned into actors and makers.

Anticipating Behaviour Sexting Tips
Brought fame cause teens to feel sexting behavior is normal. They do not realize that sexting is a very risky behavior.

Pictures and videos taken with the phone when they are already uploaded on Facebook and Twitter to be very easy to go into pornographic websites.

John Shehan, director of the Exploited Child Division of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the United States said that once photos and videos uploaded it will be stored forever and certainly result in damage to reputation, privacy, and security of themselves.

Then how tips and ways that parents can do their children protected from the action of sexting trend? Here are some tips that can be done:

Dig up as much information about sexting and other inappropriate behavior. Talk openly to children. Explain to them about the dangers of sexting and sexual behavior at her age. Explain that you really understand the desire for attention of the opposite sex, but sexting is not an appropriate choice of
Help children to appreciate her own body and show the parts that are not appropriate exploited
Family rules about sending short messages need to be made. Give the limitations on use of mobile phones. When the night going to bed, HP child better kept by parents. HP control, instant messaging, email, social networking son. Give the sense that you’re not being intrusive privacy
Agree on the consequences if the order is violated. Provide internet access restrictions, confiscating HP, or block children’s friends negative influencers
Give HP without a camera. Remind your child to build relationships in the real world.
Keep and eye on the kids so we do not fall in the behavior is inappropriate, including sexting. This article hopefully to remind parents to always be aware of the negative impact of HP and the Internet that can be abused for sexting.