The dive sites in Mauritius

Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean and is a major attraction for both beginners and experienced divers are planning a honeymoon or holiday in Mauritius. There is hot water with visibility around Mauritius and many dive sites offer a lot of variation for multiple dives or for those who. For a certain type of diving coral reefs drive way rock, walls, caves and wrecks a portfolio of natural and artificial life in the oceans is home now.

Surf the Internet, to the point that corresponds to your experience and interests can be a bit annoying if this brief report organizes some of the best places and attractions depth in order. To facilitate While this article is not a substitute for professional advice that can plunge your chosen school or tourist service you offer, it is a good first for those who have not yet made the first contact with a dive in Mauritius.

Perfect for beginners or those who have not in the water for some time is Corsair Reef, which extends only to a depth of 7 meters. This particular area of coral abundant marine life and variety shows that shallow dive does not mean you have to miss out on the wonders of the deep.

Venture on the reef anchor 18 meters is an interesting mix of white sandy canyons and coral reefs that offer the possibility of a longer experience as you explore the wide range of the region. Underwater photographers will find this place offers a great time in large schools of batfish, which are passed through.

Coral Garden is a depth of about 19 meters and is an interesting dive for those who develop their skills. The coral garden is large and colorful easy to see an exceptional site and species here include butterfly fish, yellowtail, triggerfish, surgeon and scalars.

Adding a few meters, we find Holt Rock with depths up to 25 meters. This is another hot spot for underwater photographers, such as large blocks of coral is the ideal place for many rare species. The list of the most photographed residents are angelfish, triggerfish, clown fish, butterfly fish, stone fish, scorpion fish and lobster.

Add your player to the depth chart and you can see the wreckage of barges twins, Emily and Water Lilly and Stella Maru Wreck, all add up to 26 meters. Both boats are just a few meters from each other and have an artificial reef for eels and many raggy scorpion and acorns. The Stella Maru in a quite different and is a Japanese fishing boat that was sunk in 1987. The wreck is covered with algae, sea urchins, anemones, soft corals and small and there are several ways to capture giant moray eels fixed or a video.

Anchor deeper and we lost 31 meters. The 17th Century, centered anchor in a small patch of soft and hard corals and divers meet here crabs, fish tripping totan curious, scorpion fish, porcupine fish and grouper peacock.

White Rock, 38 meters, offers a similar selection of marine life encounters, but can sometimes greeted with hammerhead sharks and swordfish.

Down to our final depth of 60 meters, we find Kingfish Kingdom. The dive site is probably the cream of the crop and is widely recognized as the best dive site in Mauritius. Divers can walk down along the wall, which leads to a tunnel that leads to a malfunction with the roof open and cliffs.

Other sites of interest at 60 meters, the Rose Garden pink coral and rare black coral wall Corsair rare. Mauritius holidays are a good option for diving and if you have not explored the deep blue before that date beginners courses with English teachers are all available with certification.