The Expendables 2 Enter World Video Game

The Expendables 2 Videogame tells four members Expendables: Barney Ross, Hale Caesar, Yin Yang Gunner Jensen and assigned to save the billionaires of Chinese origin who was kidnapped. Through various actions on the battlefield in Asia, four Expendable is striving to defeat the militias that hinder their mission. Can the fourth Expendable bring home the kidnapped billionaire?

The Expendables 2 Videogame offers a control of 4 upper-class mercenaries who have the ability and expertise in using a variety of weapons.

Barney Ross, leader of The Expendables use weapons Colt revolvers and two pistols to fight his enemies. High accuracy should not be underestimated. Especially in close combat, Barney ready to beat the enemy with bare hands or with a “Signature Kill” him.

Hale Caesar, an expert in the use of explosives. The weapon is very powerful but requires a fairly long reload time. Grenade launcher and shotgun he used was able to hit back and destroy enemy barricades once. Need to complete the mission that requires blowing up objects with C4? Then Caesar is an expert.

Gunner Jensen, an expert in using the sniper rifle. With the red laser, he was ready to shoot enemies from a distance, especially an enemy who also use sniper. Its accuracy is not in doubt. If the enemy surrounded, he was also prepared to use his shotgun to repel the enemy. Flashbang also be a deadly weapon for the enemy who dared to approach Gunner. He will be ready to finish off the enemy in confusion in the middle of a grenade.

Yin Yang, an expert in close combat and far. He was able to throw a dagger and kill enemies in a single throw. When surrounded by the enemy, SMG and he hurled smoke grenade ready to make an enemy of confusion and killed in the middle of the smoke.

The Expendables 2 Videogame offers action-packed games and game features co-op both online and offline multiplayer for up to 4 players. Every statistical results of completed missions from chapter will accumulate XP points that can be used to upgrade the capabilities of the four Expendable.

This game is not half-hearted in carrying the action genre. Because of his action, you’ll often find an intricate battlefield filled with a barrage of bullets and explosions random until you do not know where your champion himself. It might be more palatable if it is equally confused by the intricacies of the battle with three friends.

Whistling bullets, RPG rockets, grenades, C4, and various other objects that can explode, and certainly little military memorable songs. Yup, the typical effects of noise you often encounter in action films. But not always seriously memorable battle. Sometimes the four members of this chat while Expendable launch a hilarious joke like an action-comedy movie.

With the feature to upgrade character abilities and weapons, as well as the trophy that requires repeated game with a more hardcore level of difficulty, of course, a separate replayability value. Or want to challenge your friends and complete the mission with the best statistical record? It’s okay. This game is more fun when played with friends.

6 hours long enough to complete the entire mission of the fourth chapter there. In the normal difficulty level of this game is quite challenging, especially if you are a hardcore gamer enthusiasts difficulty level / insane. Surely often dropped and recovered by colleagues in the war would be the norm you will encounter.

Overall, The Expendables 2 videogame can not be regarded as a chase game running. It is rather weak in the theme of the story, but the gameplay with a pretty confusing situation was quite fun to play, especially when shared with friends. Good luck!