The Many mock Angry Birds occurring

Angry Birds, a game Rovio Mobile LTD phenomenal creations that have managed to establish its position as one of the most popular game and lots of downloadable games for mobile phones and PCs.

One of the uniqueness that is owned by the Angry Birds is the bird as the main character that looks real cute and so many people are hypnotized to play. This also then widely copied by several game developers by releasing games like Angry Birds.

Angry Piggy

Still remember the green pigs in Angry Birds ticks? This time the pigs would look more cool in the game Angry Piggy. Along with the birds and cows, the pigs will be an adventure to restore their village atmosphere beautiful and colorful.

It is said there is a village called Avelon’s colorful past and then suddenly turned into a black-and-white world. The three occupants of the brave Avelon-Steezy the pig, Haden the bird-and-the Moochew mad cow will state the village they decided to fight.

By virtue, expertise and teamwork that owned them would defeat the monsters in order to restore its original color of the beautiful village.

Angry Piggy Game of MPC Games has over 40 levels that come with graphics and a soundtrack that makes the game more exciting. This game can be downloaded for free in the Android Store and is compatible with OS Android OS 2.0 or above.

Angry Piggy Seasons

Still Angry Piggy game of the series, to welcome the coming winter and Christmas, Angry Piggy Seasons: Christmas comes to brighten your holiday. In Angry Piggy Seasons, you will find a puzzle game that challenges more difficult than usual game Angry Piggy.

So if you’ve played Angry Piggy was an expert then you should download Angry Piggy Seasons. With the snow and ice that surrounds it is more difficult to play games that require thinking skills and strategies. This game is also a free download in the Android Store and is compatible with Android OS 2.0 minimum.

Angry Monkey

After the pigs, birds and cows tantrums the next game is similar to Angry Birds Angry Monkey from The Game Boss. In this game you will be competing with the angry monkeys for banana scramble, the favorite food of monkeys.

Unlike Fruit Ninja where you have to cut the fruits in Angry Monkey then you should handle it  as long as possible, and the longer you can keep the scores obtained greater.

Do not let you or captured by the monkeys bananas and watch the monkeys in the game is capable of flying in order to get their coveted banana. There are several themes in Angry Monkey like a beach theme and scientist theme. Angry Monkey Games can be downloaded for free in the Android Store and is compatible with Android OS 1.6 minimum.

Angry Frogs

One of the amphibians that the majority of green does look harmless, but you have to be careful because in the game Angry Frogs these frogs can be aggressive in order to drive away the snakes they mush.

You will help the frogs to destroy the snake by using a finger to pull the slingshot. Angry Frogs have 13 kinds of frogs forces are divided into seven unique strengths and 6 frogs with combined powers.

Angry Frogs fantastic is the number of levels that the thousands to 6,000 level, which pretty much amounts to the size of the free games. As the number of levels is pretty much the game can only be downloaded to SDCard only. Game Angry Frogs of Emanuele Padula can be played in a minimum of OS Android 2.0 which can be downloaded in the Android Store.

Angry Gorilla Temple

Games like Angry Birds Angry Temple Gorilla last of Jingo Appstellation a story about the brave gorilla who lives in Coconut Holy Temple. Since the very love of the temple and he was very protectif oil to the area is.

Your job here is to help Jingo to protect temples and palm-oil from the invasion of animals or other insects that want to dominate the region Jingo favorite.

To play Angry Gorilla Temple you should just keep an eye on your enemies carefully because sometimes there are big fish tangible pseudonym which was the swarm of insects and birds, if you are successful about them then you will get bonus points. This game is a free download in the Android Store and is compatible with Android OS 2.2.