Tiger salamander vivarium – build a house for amphibians

The tiger salamander is a scary live amphibians are at home both in water and on land – in fact, he did not begin his life exists on earth, and when it grows to adulthood in a position both discs exist. You certainly at this time and enjoy digging in the sand and dirt, and splashing in and out of shallow pools. Dear A country of its fantastic features is its ability to regenerate, which goes well beyond the simple ability to heal wounds. It allows them legs, regrowth was cut, and even replace certain organs – and even in brain tissue, which is amazing by the standards of man.

In fact, it is this ability to repair itself, it is probably somehow their exceptionally long life for an animal the size-dependent. The habitat in captivity as a vivarium, a tiger salamander – so called because of its characteristic black stripes green skin – can survive up to two decades or even longer with good care treatment. The first part of this task is supported for tiger salamander correctly to provide a reservoir large enough for the vivarium you intend to build. Because these amphibious creatures big enough with most 6 inch long, they need to avoid an environment large enough and close enough to feel good about a 20 to 50 gallons should.

There is another reason why this should vivarium tank size, however, if you plan more than one tiger salamander, a tank that does not have the means to accommodate it encourages enough personal space to fight them – and when it is the same size and strength. If a salamander is larger than the other, it is difficult on the small every opportunity, he or she gets what. Missing parts of the body for some time before they regenerate In fact, too much to eat in one sitting could even lead to the death of the minor. A good rule is 20 gallons a vivarium at home under one roof. Tank you for each salamander

This conference cannibalism brings us to the food they eat, for food – not just unhappy about. Although the tiger salamander (and others of its kind) rarely eat trend of our era, the nature of their food many questions such as crickets and worms, blood worms, mealworms, etc. should their diet. Not more than three times per week, with a good average is only once a week, you must define the crickets and feed pellets in animal (meat) sold in their terrarium. Pinky mice and cockroaches also good food good, but rarely as they want to gorge themselves and become too large – which is quite unhealthy for them and causes small stools.

How to ensure that the tank itself vivarium that dirt is not fertilized, because they do not live in such places in their natural environment. Substrate type, then planted on the ground coconut for best results. If you keep these things in mind, there is no reason that you do not have a healthy 20 years-plus of tiger salamander roaming in the country that you have built.