Time for a romantic getaway ?

Paris is romantic difficult for someone in a new relationship, longtime lover, or married couples, the city is full of surprises and glamor that is sure to amaze the world weary you. A walk in the moonlight along the Seine, a trip to the Eiffel Tower and spent an afternoon at a bistro Hazed are some ways to fill your weekend.
Paris is the kind of place that visitors come again and again, it is because they still have a view of the famous monuments, need or want is that interesting art gallery visit, n ‘ there is no time for one last visit, or just Want more delicious French cuisine and wine to drink. To see one of the most popular attractions, while in Paris, of course, the Eiffel Tower. Do not miss the new restaurant, which is open only on the first floor, where you can enjoy cake and ice cream, or Le Jules Verne in the evening with his “good old days” feeling, elegance and breathtaking views of Paris . The views are clearly the most important reasons why people go to the tower and in fact it is ideal to discover the city at its best, with its wealth of monuments, the famous Trocadero Gardens, the Seine and the Pont d’Iena.
The glamorous Champs Elysées is not to miss another look if you are in town for a weekend. The whole area is lined with cafes, art galleries, museums, boutiques and monuments to keep you busy all day edge. And the Cathedral of Notre-Dame offers a fantastic experience to enjoy with its beautiful French Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass. There are many places to stay in the center of town if you want to be close to everything, just look online accommodation in Paris.
If you have more than one weekend then, as the combination of two beautiful cities in one trip? A 5-day trip to Paris and then to Rome gives you plenty of time to enjoy all the activities and enjoy the atmosphere. Rome is a city for those who are interested in both the ancient and the modern and is undoubtedly a serious contender to Paris for romance and glamor. Spend a few days exploring the ruins of the Forum and Colosseum, your lunch break hanging out in one of the many cafes and shops to exhaustion.
A visit to Rome is complete without a visit to the famous Trevi Fountain, a major attraction for visitors with its incredible beauty of the small Trevi square dominated by a statue of Neptune, god of the sea instead of Spain also a popular holiday destination with a lively and charming atmosphere buzzing with people, designer shops and bars and restaurants. Romance is in the air everywhere in Rome, even the Vatican, there is a dazzling collection of palaces and museums, with an attention-grabbing Renaissance and religious art treasures. A spiritual oasis shines, it glitz and glamor and each visit should include the Sistine Chapel remarkable.
Spend your time to taste the delicious traditional ice cream parlor or a coffee in one of the many cafes, strolling hand in hand through his picturesque city parks or picnic on the Palatine Hill and Vila Borghese. If you are interested in Rome apartments, you can set options for evey taste, style and budget.
Whatever you do, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation. Holiday apartments are ideal for those seeking peace and solitude. Find online holiday where it is very easy to select and reserve.