Tips on Dealing with the Boss The Coquette

Sometimes when you work in one place, there are times when you encounter a problem with your boss. This problem can indeed vary. However, if the problem was due to a flirtatious boss, of course it will seem quite complicated to solve.

The boss is a boss who must be respected. Therefore if your boss looks flirty and likes
teasing his subordinates, of course you should be able to face the boss The Coquette by intelligently so you do not need to have serious problems with your boss is.

· Flirtatious boss who usually have good communication skills. That’s why he
good at flirting. If you are seduced, do not respond to it seriously. Think of it
it’s a joke that should be addressed in a way that even casual banter as well.

· Make sure you are not too serious in response to a flirtatious boss types. If you
too seriously especially impressed to give hope to your boss, the problem can be further

· Keep a professional attitude. When you are in the office, your main goal is to work. So do not get too carried away and assume pemasalahan flirtation as boss
private. Thus you will not be swayed by flattery and attention.

· Do not get too close to your boss. If you look flirtatious boss to you,
try to keep a little distance dengannnya.

. Use decent clothes and did not invite mischievous minds of the opposite sex, including
your boss. If you dress modestly then others will respect you.

· Do not give your boss a chance to be alone with you. If
it had so, try to quickly end moments together

· Do not respond to conversation naughty. If you talk to the boss and invite you
to say naughty things, trying to steer the conversation towards neutralizing the more polite.

· Sometimes you need to express your discomfort. But still try
to megatakannya well and of course choose the right moment to say, do not say it at the time being emotionally unstable.