Tips to keep your pet birds Warm in winter

As the weather cools, it is important to remember that birds need extra care during the winter. Many of our breeds exotic birds and animals come from warm tropical air and cold can be a public health problem. Here are some guidelines for owners of pet birds in the eye during cold weather to help keep their pet birds keep them healthy and happy.

Bird owners must move the cage in a draft-free air, away from windows and doors. Move your bird cage at a central location in the home can make a big difference in compliance projects murderers and cold air delicate birds. Insulation kits Shrink-wrap can be used on windows and doors not used in winter to cold air and warm air in. increasing humidity inside in winter is also good for birds to continue to drought and excess dander.

Note that birds are sensitive to smoke and fumes coming from wood heaters, gas or kerosene. Some electric heaters are treated with a non-stick coating, which can generate fumes are deadly to birds. Some electric heating radiator style can be effective, but do not forget to check for potentially harmful coatings.

Bird owners should. Definitely a cage door on the one hand cover the cage at night to help keep birds comfortable. Some birds enjoy snoozies snugglies and help keep them warm during the night. Heat lamps can be used, and infrared lamps create a glow that does not interfere with the bird not the sleep cycle. It is important to choose a single heat lamp recommended safe for bird flu. Make sure the bulbs used in the heat lamp – all the bulbs are covered with polytetrafluoroethylene, may emit toxic fumes when overheated. There are also elements of ceramic heater, which can be used for birds – which are tightened on the cage for heating panels of the cage are located. They are specially designed for the use of animals and birds. Infrared thermal panels, the installation of the cage as energy efficient a way to get your bird cozy this winter.

In addition to keeping your bird warm, you must ensure that the heating is not home lead to a lack of moisture. If this is the case, there are some simple things you can do to provide the right conditions for your bird. Baths, showers or regular light misting should be continued during the winter months. You can expand the humidity in the house through a vaporizer or humidifier for birds. Other options include placing shallow containers of water on the radiator or in the oven, if you will. Preheating, or just leave the bathroom door open when you shower to allow the steam to home

Feeding your bird healthy, vitamin-rich diet throughout the year will help the immune system and stay healthy in spite of temperature changes. Bird owners should ensure that the diet includes a lot of winter fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health.

Of course, keeping a watchful eye on pet birds in winter is important. If you make changes to your bird’s environment, looking for signs of overheating, such as wheezing, prolonged neck or keep the wings to the body disappeared. Always keep an eye out for signs of health problems – exposure to cold temperatures, the bird may reduce immunity and cause disease. At any time of the year is simple and birds care monitoring to ensure that pet birds to stay healthy and happy.

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