Trigger Fist, atmospheric New Game For iPad

One of the main problems of the themed action shooter game on your iPhone, iPod or iPad is control system that uses touch screen. Not infrequently themed games such success brings nuance console on iOS but still failed in delivering good control. And what about the latest game action shooter from Lake Effect Applications Studios titled Fist Trigger that was released a while ago?

There are three types of games that you can play in both single player and multiplayer modes. The first is the “Free-For-All” where no opponent no friends. We must fight and kill themselves there. The first time killing as much as 15 times to win the battle. While the second is the “Team Deathmatch” is already quite familiar to those who frequent themed action shooter game play.

The third type is the “King of Hill”, where you have to defend a position for some time to win the game. The most unique is probably the last game types, the “Sacred Goat, where you have to catch a goat without killing. Once caught you have to hold the goat for some time. When was pick goat, you are only allowed to use a gun. Team holding a goat the longest will be the winner.

Currently, the Lake Effect offers six folders that you can choose, either in single player mode or multiplayer mode. Folders that there are also quite varied, ranging from the shooting range, the headquarters of the army, the cave in the hills to the city at night. Of course we expect the update in the future to provide additional maps for this game.

When playing this game, you can choose one of three types of soldiers, the scout, gunner and Rifleman. Each type of soldier would have different equipment and weapons, of course, we also can customize the equipment and weapons we carry.

Fun, you can change the type of soldiers during the game. After each game, you’ll earn points that can be used to level up and unlock different weapons and a new perk, ranging from the ability to reload faster to better radar.

The weapons in the game itself is quite varied ranging from AK-47, M4, M16, Beretta until Bazooka. Whatever the type of soldier you choose, you will always be able to carry three weapons, a weapon, heavy weapon and a pistol. Each weapon has a different stat, shown from point A to C.Disini we also can attack your opponent by using a melee attack.

The multiplayer mode in the game is also quite complete. We can play online with wifi or 3G connection or can also create private servers with our friends in Game Center. Fist Trigger also offers the option to play multiplayer with a Bluetooth connection. Here we can play with 4 people at once, while the remaining teams will be filled by the computer.

While playing multiplayer more exciting, but the single player mode in this game is also no less fun. The enemies in this game are very clever, they will be able to make you pretty hard, and you can see how they are very compact and can perform a variety of tactics to gain victory.

Trigger Fist may look more simple than the similar themed games, such as Modern Combat or NOVA series. However, the controls in this game and the fun of multiplayer modes make this game there are very decent to play. Unfortunately, with a price of about $ 4.99, the items that exist in the game is still quite expensive.