Ultrasone Signature DJ, the DJ Headphone his

Many of the opinion that says that music lovers can grab an “eargasm” when he could achieve satisfaction while listening to high-quality sound. So to be able to achieve high sound quality, and of course music lovers are obliged to have set a powerful audio tool, to be able to achieve the satisfaction he wanted to achieve it.

Demi could indulge his ears with the sounds of high-quality sound reproduction quality of the music equipment used must really need attention. It would be a useless thing when a good song will sound less than the maximum when using speakers that sounded quite right.

It would not hurt if one of the manufacturers of premium headphones, Ultrasone, released a headphone that has a very high quality produce sound. But unfortunately, these headphones are not produced for the public, because the special Ultrasone headphones deliver remarkable for Professional DJs. Ultrasone Signature DJ, is the name of headphone products.

Kristian Tjahjono from the Yahoo! website states that the sound quality is obtained from a 50 mm Mylar driver capable of producing sound at a frequency response of 5Hz to 32kHz. The drivers have a fairly low level of impedance is 32 ohms with a sensitivity of 115 decibels.

To further optimize the sound, also complete with Ultrasone S-Logic Plus technology. With this technology, although the volume is set at the highest or lowest levels of users can still listen to the voice that remains accurate performance without distortion. Of course this could help the disc-jockeys to mix sounds in detail in order to produce incredible music.

Ultrasone Signature Privileges DJ not only the sound quality but also the choice of materials and components used. These headphones is made by hand, with the earpad material coated earcase genuine sheepskin and equipped with anti-scratch glass plate.

To make it more exclusive, Ultrasone also put the serial number specific to each model produced. Ultrasone Signature DJ will sell for around $ 1, 049