Undergoing Job Interview With the Intelligent

In a job interview, we often see some of the questions that are sometimes difficult to answer. Some questions are often associated with the ability and personality yourself. Therefore, need a bit of a clever way to answer it properly without having to look haughty or arrogant.

Here are some questions that often arise when a job interview and tips to answer these questions intelligently.

According to your own, if you are smart?

You should answer that question with a “Yes”, because intelligence is not only measured by IQ level. If interpreted broadly, intelligence also covers how you can deal with various situations and interact with many people, especially those who are completely new you know.

In addition, you should also show great confidence and believe in your ability to work together, resolve the various issues surrounding the work, and make decisions regarding the company. If there is any sense that you are not capable enough, then you must have the courage to learn and improve the standard of your intelligence.

Do you feel tired of having to do the same job over and over again?

If questions arise during the interview, then you should say “no”. Responsibility given by the employer you should have done as well as possible, even though the work is repetitive. Give an answer that makes the interviewer believe that you will do these jobs with your best ability.

Focus on the job is one of the positive values that you must have. You must have the ability to override the things you love and really concentrate on doing the job at hand. You should determine priorities in a given task.

You prefer working in a team or alone?

Working in teams is one key element in completing the work, in addition to life when viewed with a broader perspective. Someone who can not work well in a team and it is difficult to communicate, may be a failure in building his career. The reason is simple, because you will not be able to trust others, so that others would not be able to trust yourself.

But of course work in a team must be supported by a personal capacity. Prove that you are also a fighter when working alone and not easily rely on others. Related to that question, then you do not have to choose one of them. Show that you are the greatest people, both while working in a team or as a single-fighter.

Do you have a competitive spirit?

Competition is one of the conditions you will ever meet on the field of work. Because of that, the competitive nature must have the courage you show in the work environment. Of course, do not describe it too aggressively, because it will impress you is a “penyikut” were malignant. Describe that healthy competition in the office will make the company moving forward.

In addition, you also should compete with yourself. It is more important than competing with potential office colleagues. Competitive spirit in the end will help you to build your personal to be better than ever, whether related to work issues or problems of life.

What do you do when you have a different perspective to the boss?

Dissent is absolutely you find in the work environment. When the interviewer asked, then you have to show the attitude that you’re not a yes-man. Make sure you dare to express an opinion, especially when you do not agree with the statement or tasks given by superiors.

However, always be careful when stating your disagreement. When you look overly aggressive, then you would likely be seen as a rebel and just can not abide by the rules. Of course it will hurt yourself.