Video Game NBA Live 13 Clear Released

I wonder what happened with EA and their basketball franchise games. After going through the development process that takes a long time, EA has always ended in bad news when it comes to the basketball game franchise – NBA Live.

Not just delayed the release, this failure may even lead to the cancellation of the release as a whole. Had been on NBA Elite 11 and let the series competitors – NBA 2K11 dominate the market for granted, EA re-make the same mistake this year. Had a pretty good show progress, EA is coming up with a bad news. Some information confirmed that the release of EA canceling NBA Live 13.

In the official website – the executive vice president, Andrew Wilson admitted that EA failed to meet the high expectations of what they want for the latest NBA Live series. This is evident from the animated movements and poor AI in the demo that was shown off some by the EA itself.

However, Wilson insists that they remain optimistic about the future of this franchise alone. One of them? What they refer to as an online innovation. Wilson also confirmed that EA is committed to deliver the best visualization for the franchise on this one, and of course, still makes the gameplay a priority. Whatever the reason, you still will not have the opportunity to enjoy NBA Live 13 at all.

EA’s decision not to release a series of games that do not pass the standards must thumbs up. But the two-time failure to release a similar franchise would be a big question mark for EA’s commitment to the basketball series this one. Sad news for EA, a victory without struggle for NBA 2K13 2K Games and them.