Vuzix Smart Glasses Glass M100 Google Challenge

For the enthusiast world of technology, we would have heard of Google’s plans to produce a so-called glasses will make us easier to interact with the internet. But until now, Google seems to have also showed clear signs. Glass as Google’s ambitious project just for the sake.

Google Project Glass stagnant, it seems even create other technology companies eager to make a high-tech eyewear. On several occasions the past, Oktomagazine had discussed measures to release Oakley sunglasses nicknamed Airwave. Oakley itself fairly successfully developed a special high-tech eyewear for athletes who wrestle in the extreme sports world.

Uncertainty Google in building Google’s Glass is not only utilized by Oakley. More recently, a company called Vuzix eyewear re-create a sophisticated product that also has high-tech. The company has successfully built a product called Smart Glasses Vuzix M100.

According to the website Mashable, glasses M100 already has a variety of high technology. Supplemented by a variety of devices, such as the microphone, camera, earpiece, GPS and motion sensors, this lens also operates with the Android system. Additionally, Vuzix glasses are also complete with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections can be made M100 is connected with smartphones, as well as putting a small screen on the eyes which makes it equivalent to a 4-inch screen.

From the information circulating, Vuzix has distributed samples of products are widely in the United States (U.S.). But based augmented reality glasses are now also the subject of U.S. government experiments. The U.S. Defense Department is currently undertaking a study reported to develop technologies Vuzix for use by the army.

Vuzix CEO Paul Travers said that the product initially M100 will have fewer features, but with the addition of a variety of applications from the development team, he said that these glasses will be one of the most advanced gadgets in the future.

“(Glasses) will only be a regular mobile phone accessories, like a hands-free,” said Oktomagazine Traverz as quoted by Mashable. “When your phone rings, then these glasses will show a variety of detailed information from the caller, ranging from photo and name.”

Going forward, Traverz stated that he has plans to build these glasses are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The development team will make multiple applications for navigation and other needs. The application must be made to be used on mobile phones to be synchronized with the M100, so that these sophisticated glasses can present a variety of information on the phone, directly into your eyes.

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 itself is planned to be released at a price that amounts to USD2.500. However, if you are interested to have it, you still have to wait until 2013. In addition, the price given Vuzix also be more expensive, depending on the number of features embedded in it.