Wacoal Shapewear reshape, “Redefining Your Body”

Seeing the great potential for shapewear product categories, particularly for women with age range 28-45 years, Wacoal has finally officially announced the launch of its newest product collection shapewear body, reshape.

Collection of Wacoal products reshape this is a pretty perfect combination between sexy and modern design. Powered by innovative production technologies and special materials fused seam Lycra Beauty, which serves to form the silhouette of the body, to make the female body more beautiful and comfortable.

“Usually, shapewear products will leave a shadow on outer clothing. However with the technology fused seams, body shapewear can make this product extremely smooth and silk, will not leave a shadow on the outer garments,” said Melynda, Marketing Deputy Division Head at PT Indonesia Wacoal product launches reshape, in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, recently.

Beauty that stretch Lycra material, soft and strong, is quite capable of providing comfort to the wearer’s skin. Like a second skin, said Melynda. That way, it would reshape the collection is further support the appearance of the wearer.

In keeping with the theme diusungnya, “reshape, Redifining Your Body”, the product is able to shape and reshape the silhouette assert a more beautiful body. Support technology fused seam and Lycra Beauty will make the wearer can freely move and activities uninterrupted comfort, even if the latest body shapewear from Wacoal is used for dancing, jumping and so on.

Reshape the product consists of eight types of shapewear, there Skirts, Dress Shape, Shape Highwaist Pant, Girdle, Shape Vest, Long Torso, Body Suit, and Nipper Waish that can be tailored to the needs of each woman with her body shape respectively.

In general, the shape of the female body there are several kinds, including Triangle, Rectangle, Hourglass, Apple and Pear body type. “Products from Wacoal reshape it to be perfect every body becomes more proportional shape, as indeed reshape available for various types of female body shape,” said Melynda.