Watermelon originated from the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa. The fruit is grown on land spread and climb with tendrils. This fruit has a variety of skin tones, such as dark green, whitish yellow, light green striped white. Flesh color also varies, ranging from red, pink, orange, yellow, even some that are white. There were seeded and seedless.

Watermelon seeds that have been processed can be watermelon seeds. After washing watermelon seed collection, drying, after a cold soak in salt water all day, basking in the hot sun again. And pumpkin seeds are ready to be enjoyed. In addition to seeds, bark and fruits contain anthocyanins, which is cool. Watermelon efficacious as:

Body Conditioning
Stimulate the release of urine, so good for you that impaired urination
Anti-inflammatory, fever, and thrush
Intestinal lubricant
Relieve thirst
Against the symptoms of a disease characterized by frequent sweating, thirst, body temperature is high, the color of urine is clear, irritability, and diarrhea
Watermelons contain high levels of lycopene, which is one component of a carotenoid is high enough to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, improving sperm quality, improve the structure of the sperm, and also increase sperm motility.
Water content and high potassium can neutralize blood pressure so it is good also for you people with high blood pressure.
Seeds eradicate cervical cancer.
Eradicate the seeds of pancreatic cancer.
Seeds eradicate intestinal cancer (cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer).
Intensify the work of the heart.
Help the body’s cells remain healthy because watermelon contains antioxidants, beta-carotene, and vitamin C.
Healthy kidneys (prevent and destroy kidney stones).
Cleanse the kidneys and increase the discharge of urine.
Restore the health problems of the elderly.
Improving mental abilities.
Mempertajaman memory, so it is not easy senile.
Accelerate weight loss. When eating, prioritize eat dessert first. Take fresh fruit, not pudding. Eat as much as you can afford. Because it contains 92% water and fiber, which contain few calories can also activate receptors in the stomach which will then give the signal satiety to the brain.
20. Fight the free radicals that goes out of control due to irregular eating patterns and pollution.
High fiber foods can have a function as a catcher grains of fat and cholesterol, and then take it out of the body through the feces. The fruit is fat free, has unlimited combination of sugar, and water in abundance. Good watermelon consumption is on an empty stomach and not mixed with any food or drink. However, the interval between the watermelon and other foods must be kept in balance. Eating watermelon can also lead to excessive surge of blood sugar levels.