Ways to Overcome Conflict in the Office

Conflict or dissent in the office can happen at any time, regardless of gender, age, job level and even. Conflicts also easily lead to debate, emotion, or even fights. In the end, it would also affect work performance and our credibility as an employee. Unfortunately not!

How is a surefire way to resolve conflicts in the office so that work smoothly and more enjoyable working atmosphere? Consider the solution, as reported by eHow, the following,

Faced and overcome

Problems or conflicts that exist in the office, you should have immediately solved. Never allowed to drag on, because it will be more difficult to resolve.

Discuss good

When faced with co-workers or supervisors who have problems with you, you should speak with a tone of calm, polite, and rational. You should focus on the circumstances and facts, and avoid gossip and attack the other person. In addition, to reason on the troubled colleagues will surely result in a good solution too is not it?

Respect his opinion

When talking to him well and he gives her opinion, you should be able to hear it. Give the impression that you are interested and willing to listen to what he says. After listening to his opinion, you should be as neutral as possible to avoid a larger conflict and continues.

Be calm

In addition to his opinion, you are also advised to remain calm in the face of co-workers who bermaslalah. You have to show body language, expressions, and tone of voice is good at dealing with it. You have to be firm, but do not attack when dealing with it.

Let’s make peace!

Lead a peaceful life will surely make you too happy. Therefore, ask your co-workers is problematic to reconcile. You must remain flexible if coworker impose certain conditions.


If the above have to do but is less effective, then ask for help from a colleague or other intermediaries. You can also ask for help on the employer to resolve the conflict. Explain what the problem is and not to whine in front of him. By asking for help to your boss, who knows this conflict will be resolved quickly. But first, consider the circumstances still around.

Good luck and hopefully useful!