Weight Loss and Behavior Problems

Currently, the problem of obesity a growing problem threatening because more and more people who are having problems in setting her weight. In Indonesia alone, began to look for the trend, not only in adults but also in children.

Overweight to obesity, has been known to cause a number of disease risk. Call it, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and many others. But research in the United States, shows that excessive weight gain in children also affects the state of behavior, especially in girls.
Research on nearly 10,000 children aged about 5 years, who are in school in kindergarten, collected data on height, weight and the reports of parents and teachers on child behavior problems.

Teachers report on child behavior problems were collected, such problems can not focus on learning and behavior as aggressive. Apparently, these behavioral problems are at more than 81 percent of girls whose weight is excessive compared with boys with excess weight.

The teachers also reported other problems in girls with excess weight such as depression and withdrawn on the environment, was 54 percent higher in girls. While the parents reported, 49 per cent higher.

Girls with excess weight will often receive less favorable treatment of friends at school as they are more often mocked and ridiculed. This would make the development of their souls become less good, they often become self-conscious.