What you need to know about metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons

Bearded dragons in captivity and are not given proper care and regular, are prone to metabolic bone disease. One important reason is the lack of adequate lighting in the terrarium with insufficient supply of calcium and phosphorus in their diet. In support of the calcium needs of bearded dragons, UV light is necessary for the metabolism of vitamin D3 for the production of calcium help. Hypocalcemia, known as metabolic bone disease, nutritional deficiency is caused by an imbalance in calcium.

Metabolic Bone Disease Causes

There are a number of factors, which leads to bone metabolic diseases Bartagamen. One of these is the inadequate provision of the proposed amount of calcium. Without this essential nutrient, the bone does not work properly.


A sign that your pet has a calcium deficiency, the bone becomes thinner. Once you get to the bone thin, it will begin to break down, thus causing injury. Your dragon will be difficult to walk, climb, jump or play.

Other signs that your bearded dragon has metabolic bone disease are the following: it has twisted limbs, fingers twisted and turned. It will be difficult to walk. I thought it can go, it can easily fall off and are struggling to get back on its feet. As the disease progresses, your pet will be paralyzed and later may soon lose their lives. It is also low because it is more tan and you can eat because of paralysis.


The most important treatment is the problem to an adequate supply of calcium to provide food for your dog. Enter your pet with foods that are rich in calcium. Visit your veterinarian and he or she will advise you. The right amount of calcium, according to the severity of the condition of your pet Vitamin D is metabolized to calcium. These are prepared in your veterinary clinic and doses.

As mentioned previously, the UV lamps must be installed according to the system so that you can fully recover from his illness get dragon bone predominant. Simultaneously for controlling the temperature in the cage at the right level. Make sure that the danger avoided during treatment. Ask your kite for six months in quarantine. Monitor and reduce its activities with plenty of time to recover and that their bones returned to normal.

Treat yourself like a second parent to your pet. Responsibility comes with a price. It is important that you take care of your pet properly. Love and treat them as you would your siblings or children. Remember that the management of the dragon comes with obligations and therefore your dragon to stay strong, healthy and happy, you need to meet their needs.

Metabolic bone disease and should not be taken lightly, if it persists and the dragon is not necessary medical care, it will eventually lose their lives. Make sure you prevent this disease happens, as far as possible, do not let your beardie.