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How to Reduce the Size of Your iCloud Backup The fact that Apple provides its users up to 5GB free data storage space means that you can easily backup your iPad or iPhone. However, with the accumulation of content it is possible that you exceed the 5GB limit. The chances of going beyond the 5GB limit increase with the availability of multiple iOS device backups. When the limit is reached you will be notified on the situation indicating that your iCloud is full restricting any further backup operations. When this happens you are supposed to respond and find a better solution since chances are that you will still have more data to store. There are a number of options to go for the first being that you can pay for more iCloud space to continue enjoying it, turn it off or decide to reduce the amount of already existing data in the same storage. The last option is the most preferred method because it is less inconveniencing and can be achieved easily. You will have to start by ensuring that you can ascertain that you are using iCloud data backup in your device more so if you doubt it. The process is to open the setup, select iCloud then select storage and backup. The position of the slider on your device will indicate the situation of your storage whereby the iCloud connection will be indicated as it progresses. There are instance where you may opt not to use iCloud meaning that you can connect iTunes backup with your computer as an alternative instead.
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It is possible to optimize your backup storage by deleting content that is not of great essence to you. Managing your data at this point is an important requirement meaning that you should be able to view the available content and delete those that are not necessary. All the stored devices receiving backup should be noted and older versions that may not be very useful deleted. By tapping on the relevant option you will be able to either change or delete the device that you consider unnecessary in the list that comes up after searching since you have to do away with old devices.
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You can easily create more space on your iCloud storage by storing your photos on your computer. You can always delete the photos from your device once you save them on your computer. This is one of the easiest ways to create space on your iCloud backup. Furthermore, if you do not want to use this method there are other storage options available from which you can select.